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Lactose Intolerance

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I have had celiac for a few years. Lately, I have been cheating and eating gluten-free stuff - we were on vacation and I splurged mostly because getting gluten-free stuff on the run is hard. Anyway, I seem to be developing lactose intolerance - I get really bad abdominal pains about 1 hour after eating dairy. However, the cheating was over a week ago. Has anyone else re-developed lactose intolerance after having gluten again? My dh is still acting up, but I know that can last a long time after re-glutenizing. I should have learned my lesson by now...



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Celiac disease doesn't go away. You should consume NO gluten!

If you are consuming it, you've probably damaged the villi in your intestine. It's the tips of the villi that produce the enzyme needed to digest lactose.

You need to stop hurting yourself like this.

Eating gluten when you are Celiac opens the door to all kinds of additional illnesses. :o

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