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Upper Gi Endoscopy Yesterday

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After a two hour wait (they were behind) I finally got in for my procedure. I was so scared! I've never been put to sleep and the idea of a tube going all the way down my esophagus, through my stomach, and to the beginning of my small intestine was a bit much. I told him I wanted to be checked out for Celiac and he said they always do that so hopefully he did. As soon as they put me to sleep it was easy mode!

After the procedure the doc came to talk to me but I was still kinda out of it. He said everything looked really good. For a 15 year smoker that was good to hear. He said he found an "inlet patch" in the upper third of my esophagus that he biopsied. Z-line variable was also biopsied. They also found what he thought to be h pylori in my stomach. It looks icky. That was also biopsied.

He told me the "lump in throat" I feel was most likely anxiety however I did a little research on it after I got home. I found evidence that the inlet patch he found may very well be attributed to my "globus sensation", particularly if you have h pylori. The h pylori can infect the inlet patch and exacerbate symptoms. It makes me feel better to know it might not be "all in my head". Source

Anyway, the biopsy results will not be back for a couple of weeks. I'm going to go back on my low carb diet because I gain weight too easily with anything else. It's not hard at all to avoid gluten on low carb so I will keep an eye out for it. I will work on eliminating some other suspicious ingredients too. The last few weeks I've been eating like a typical American and the big "C" is back in full force. I'm starting to feel a bit miserable.

Side note: I also had a thyroid ultrasound but I do not have the results. All the technician would say is that I had an extremely large/long thyroid.

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Good luck on getting some positive results after youor wait. Waiting is hard, but as you say, you can use the waiting time to ease yourself into the gluten free diet, and maybe by the time you get the results you will akreadt have your answer. :)


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