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Another Possibility Of Why Our Food Is Contaminated With Gluten

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In a July 27, 2011 notice, the office said Jirah Milling and Sales Inc., of Ormstown, was no longer authorized to market organic products or use the Canada Organic logo (the logo that would now be recognized by the U.S. and the EU).

Plus, another Texas case:

Last year, a Texas businessman, Basilio Coronado, was convicted of fraudulently selling conventional grains and beans as organic produce. He was sentenced to 24 months in prison and ordered to pay almost $524,000 in restitution.

If these companies were fraudulently selling "organics", what else were they doing? Could be they were mixing up their grains and contaminating the gluten free supplies. Just an idea to think about.

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That story reminds me of the Chinese pet food companies that put melamine in the food to increase the protein value on tests. Killed a lot of pets. Then there was a story about toothpaste from China killing kids too.

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