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ENT...seems Strange?

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I have no official diagnosis of celiac. I do have migraines, fibroish symptoms, and IBS (this is what I feel may be celiac not IBS)

Anywho-- I asked my neurologist about possible allergies causing my migraines, and GI problems. When I asked it was kind of funny because the nurse kind of chuckled and said, "no I don't think that could cause migraines like you have". The Dr however thought it might be a possibility. He wants me to see an ENT for allergy testing. Now it seems weird to me that an ENT would do these types of tests, and he (the neuro) doesn't do the testing. Esp if it is a blood test......

Maybe it's just me, and frankly I don't care who finds out what my issue(s) are, I just want an answer. All these medications that don't work and running to the nearest bathroom are getting quite old after 3 years. I know there are people that have suffered far longer than 3 years, but I don't want to be on of them :(

So now I have another Dr appt--I was trying to avoid more appointments (as you might remember) Call it desperation I guess. I feel like I don't have a choice at this point. I think actually having a diagnosis might help dh, but getting there is another story.

What are your thoughts/feelings on the ENT.....worth my time/money?? Anyone else seen an ENT for testing?

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It might be worth it to see the ENT for allergy testing. I think most likely they will do allergy skin testing. Our local ENT office does this. Often times people with allergies have sinus issues. That was the case with my oldest son. He has year round allergies to dust mites, cockroaches and mold. He also has allergies to a few weeds and tree pollens. After identifing his allergies and starting allergy shots his chronic sinus issues and infections have resolved. I would ask the neurologist to order the blood tests for celiac as I really don't think an ENT would be the most knowledgeable person for that. Celiac is not an allergy. However, the ENT can test for food allergies such as wheat etc. Here are the blood tests for celiac: total IgA, IgA/IgG tTG(tissue transglutiminase), IgA/IgG DGP(deamidated gliadin peptide), IgA EMA, IgA/IgG AGA(anti gliadin antibody).

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