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GRAS vs Gluten-Free

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From the entry for gluten in Wikipedia:

Added to other foods

The "Codex Alimentarius" international standards for food labeling has a standard relating to the labeling of products as "gluten-free", but this standard does not apply to foods that "...in their normal form do not contain gluten."[10] Gluten is used as a stabilizing agent in products like ice cream and ketchup, where it might be unexpected.[11][12] Foods of this kind present a problem because the hidden gluten constitutes a hazard for people with celiac disease: In the United States, at least, gluten might not be listed on the labels of such foods because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has classified gluten as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).[13] Requirements for proper labeling are being formulated by the USDA. In the United Kingdom, only cereals currently must be labeled, while labeling of other products is voluntary.[14]

Is this correct?

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No, this information contains multiple inaccuracies.

I can't speak for the UK, but it is wrong for the US and Canada, both in terms of regulations and about foods likely to contain gluten.

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