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I have been gluten free for 3+ weeks....I am feeling fantastic! I am realizing just how bad I felt, I feel so much more awake, no brain fog, no stomach pain!

However 5 days ago I ate gluten, My stomach pain returned for 5 hours. At that time I took Zantac because my Doctor said to because my celiac test was negative. The zantac did nothing. But after the stomach pain left I had Severe Nausea for 3 hours.

Since then I keep having intermittent nausea not severe just annoying.

You think this might be gluten withdrawal? Or the Zantac messed up my stomach?

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I think it is more likely that you are still getting over the glutening.

It can take some time for things to calm down after being glutened. If it should happen again if you can take Pepto Bismal liquid for the stomach pain that might help more than an antiacid. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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