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  1. Metoo

    DH and 28 weeks pregnant

    I had DH not while pregnant but I had to cut out dairy, eggs, fish and salt. Took Dapsone and was still struggling....
  2. Metoo

    Scars from DH

    Yes mine in areas like my chest were dark pink and stayed that way for almost a month before they would fade. Some areas...
  3. I have been on dapsone since January...and have tried 2 times to stop...at which point my rash blew up and the nightmare...
  4. Metoo

    DH while on Dapsone?

    Hello. I wanted to tell you I seem to be having the same problem...although I am on a lower does between 25-50 mg depending...
  5. Metoo

    DH Rash

    Hello. If you really think its DH, and the dermatologist doesn't give you another answer. Then you could ask for a...
  6. Metoo

    Dermatitis herpetiformis

    Mine after 5 weeks of gluten-free (also, low iodine/diary free/egg free), was still spreading/new breakouts. The dermatologist...
  7. So I just returned from my dermatologist appointment....he treated my rash a little with Tony steroid topical shots....
  8. okay.....this answered a lot of my questions! I will try to avoid the steroid shot. It is seriously wearing me down...
  9. I was gluten free for 5 years....because of a rash on my hand, at the time I could get no doctor to listen to me after...
  10. So I had a biopsy today for DH....they odd part is I have been gluten free for 5+ years! About 2 months ago I broke...
  11. Thank you! This is basically what I was wondering if you could NOT have any of the "anti" self antibody blood tests...
  12. I am gluten-free - because I had a rash I couldn't get rid of. I am 5 years gluten-free now. My son has had skin issues...
  13. I had stomach cramps!!! But then I read you are supposed to avoid even gluten-free oats for the first 3-6 months of...
  14. Well I have been gluten-free for a year....and it's awesome!! Except I am still having random right side pain (feels...