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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. DH while on Dapsone?

    Hello. I wanted to tell you I seem to be having the same problem...although I am on a lower does between 25-50 mg depending how bad I am broke out. I first cleared on 50mg in 1 week. Now though i seem to be breaking out while on Dapsone from too much salt or iodine. I ate some gluten free summer sausage last week and now my chest is covered in DH. Its miserable! So darn itchy! I barely slept last night. I am considering going back to my doctor because of this. I just don’t know how normal this is, or if DH looses its effectiveness to some extent the longer you take it.
  2. DH Rash

    Hello. If you really think its DH, and the dermatologist doesn't give you another answer. Then you could ask for a dapsone trial. I had negative skin biopsies...however it was the most intensely itchy rash of my life, after being gluten free for 2 weeks and ingesting gluten it got worse. Since my derma was stumped, he let me try dapsone.....which cleared the DH, well mostly still on dapsone. I now have a positive DH diagnosis and celiac diagnosis even though the biopsy was negative. My derm never did the blood work to check before the skin biopsy.
  3. Dermatitis herpetiformis

    Mine after 5 weeks of gluten-free (also, low iodine/diary free/egg free), was still spreading/new breakouts. The dermatologist put me on low dose dapsone and I am now 4 days in and its starting to calm down and go away. Hopefully it will go completely away in the near future (although some areas look like there will be scars for awhile)
  4. So I just returned from my dermatologist appointment....he treated my rash a little with Tony steroid topical shots. We talked about how this started the day after I was glutened...I asked if I had to eat a normal amount of gluten for my biopsy to show positive for DH (he said no, that it would show on any amount....is that true?) when he gave me my checkout papers - he wrote Diagnosis: Gluten Enteropathy. Is that celiac? When i google it sure looks like it is.
  5. okay.....this answered a lot of my questions! I will try to avoid the steroid shot. It is seriously wearing me down. its like I can't' get away from the pain / itching. The other question I had was....the reaction seems to be getting worse...the more I avoid gluten. I was going to ask the derm today if that was true or not. I mean this break out was way worse than last one. It calmed down a little today, so there is some relief! I will see if I can post a photo on here of it, its not as red today.
  6. I was gluten free for 5 years....because of a rash on my hand, at the time I could get no doctor to listen to me after months, and a couple of cousins who could no longer consume gluten, I went gluten free. However the past year...I had turned into gluten light...I wasn't avoiding cross contamination anymore, or communion. In September....I broke out in an awful bumpy red rash all over my elbows, back of my legs, back of my neck. The dermatologist did a biopsy, which turned up negative....however I was not eating much gluten, certainly not enough for a gluten challenge. The dermatologist seemed confused told me not to eat gluten if that helps, that it clinically looks like DH but was confused by the biopsy. I went seriously Gluten free in October. I was healing it seemed to be all calming, then about 2 weeks ago I was glutened. Now..the rash is out of control, the very next day it flared up. I have it now all over my chest and seems to be spreading up my neck. Its intensely INTENSELY itchy, so much I scratch it and it bleeds, I wake up in the night scratching it, it hurts/burns it itches so much. The fact that I am 2 weeks out and its still morphing has me worried. I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow. Has anyone gone on dapsone for a very short period? Or found another topical medicine that works? If nothing else I guess I am hoping for a skin cortisone shot. I am beginning to live in fear of food. ugh.
  7. So I had a biopsy today for DH....they odd part is I have been gluten free for 5+ years! About 2 months ago I broke out in a terribly itchy rash that has spread to both my the elbows, my lower back, knees and one hip. i don't understand the only thing I can think of is I share a toaster with my kids and I was eating nuts that were packaged in a facility with wheat and eggs/sausage from cafeteria I had relaxed a little ....but I also take communion on Sundays...but I have for years. i went gluten free because of a rash on my hands that my derm said was excema. (I had to be very strict no communion host even for about 6 months for it to clear) This time he is convinced it's DH. Is there any possibility I will test positive if it is DH? This is so frustrating, I don't know what I am going to do I have already cracked down on no contamination and cleaner foods...but it's still spreading getting new spots.
  8. Thank you! This is basically what I was wondering if you could NOT have any of the "anti" self antibody blood tests just hvae the "anti" gluten antibodies and still test positive in a scope!
  9. I am gluten-free - because I had a rash I couldn't get rid of. I am 5 years gluten-free now. My son has had skin issues that are only getting worse. We have been told that they are simply excema....which is what I was told my rash was. He has had 2 sets of blood panels done now, several months apart. His panel is completely normal (and he makes a normal amount of IgA)...except his antigliadin antibodies IgA are High. IgA serum - 180 (range was 33-258) Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgA - 0.3 (range less than 7 neg, 7-10 weak positive) Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgG - less than 0.6 (range less than 7 neg, 7-10 weak positive) Anti-Gliadin Antibodies IgA- 22 (range 0-10) Anti-Gliadin Antibodies IgG- less than 0.4 (range 0-10) Endoymsial Antibodies, Serum - Negative. We are being refered to a Pediatric GI doctor, but I am unsure if doing a scope is even going to be worth it since he only has the one value being high.
  10. I had stomach cramps!!! But then I read you are supposed to avoid even gluten-free oats for the first 3-6 months of being gluten-free then reintroduce them. I reintroduced them 4 months after being gluten-free and I have not had a problem with gluten-free oats since.
  11. Well I have been gluten-free for a year....and it's awesome!! Except I am still having random right side pain (feels like a hernia or my ovary!)...I have been to my family doctor repeatedly for it. I went to anew Gyn for it...and she said based on my symptoms, bowel patterns she thinks I have a GI related issue. I have not been able to have regular milk for about 3-4 months now without planning on being near a bathroom all the next day! ( I have extreme urgency!). I noticed with ice cream it's becoming worse too. So...I think I should go get lactose tested. Where do you go to get the testing? Lab? Family Doctors office? Do you think it sounds like I might have it?
  12. I did not test positive for celiac, but i have a rash and it's obvious I can't have gluten. In the year I have been gluten-free my family has been 80% or more gluten free. I still buy them some non-gluten-free packaged snacks or an occasional loaf of bread. During this time my 5 year old managed to gain 7lbs between 4-5 years old! This is a kid who barely gains 2-3lbs a year, it finally pushed him up to a more matching percentile! (75th height/50th for weight!). He also has excema, his skin feels like sandpaper! I would like to get him tested I think. But I don't have a positive test to back me up. And he doesn't have a lot of symptoms.
  13. I am just curious! If anyone's doctor has diagnosed them on symptoms alOne? It's been a year since I went gluten-free! I am quit good at it now! I went 4 months without a glutening! My last glutening was a Tostito Mulitgrain chip the size of a silver dollar....it was enough that within 2 hours my pinky got itchy, by 5 hours I had broken out into the rash on my pinky! It only lasted a week....but I realized how much it confirmed that I cannot have gluten! It was actually a nice reminder (besides how painfully itchy the rash is...and annoying!) I could quite literally go to the doctor show him my clear pinky skin...go home and eat a cracker and the next day get rechecked with my rash! Lol! I just don't think any doctor would do it.
  14. Lol! Tostitos Multigrain was my last glutening! I went to a party the chips were gluten-free then someone refilled the bowl with multigrain! I luckily grabbed just a small piece of one, and noticed it!! Luckily it was a small amount so my rash only lasted a week!