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Heather Anne

Gluten-Free Chili

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Does anyone know of a good gluten-free recipe for chili (meat and beans, please)? If possible, please include brands for the ingredients. My husband asked me to make mine, but I am scared to. I've always used canned beans and I am worried that they could be cc'd. Plus, there are several things in my recipe that do contain gluten! Please help!

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I use canned beans & Williams seasoning mix. I have never made chili with gluten/ wheat in it.

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This is how I make my chili. I am sure you can easily adapt your normal chili to fit. Most tomatoes and beans do not have gluten in them. Just be sure to stay away from the chili beans and such that have a sauce with them. Chili is easy to make gluten free

2 lbs of meat (prefer venison or bison)

1 onion, chopped

1 red bell pepper, chopped

fresh jalepenos, chopped (amount to liking)

1-2 cloves garlic

3 14oz of stewed tomatoes (I use Kroger brand Mexican style)

1 15oz can of fire roasted tomatoes (Muir Glen, Hunts or Kroger brand)

1 can of Ro*Tel (hot, not sure that chili fixin flavor is gluten free)

Beans (3 cans of dark red kidney or equivilent of dry beans)

6 Tbl of chili powder (mccormick or kroger brand, not packaging mix, plain powder)

2 tsp cumin (mccormick)

3 Tbl of vinegar (or sub gluten free beer)

3 Tbl of Franks hot sauce

I think that is all. Personally, I use a mixture of blending and the whole tomatoes. I can't say that I make chili the same way each time. Sometimes more meat, sometimes more beans, sometimes spicier, etc.

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I use Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit which I buy at Safeway, but have seen any many stores. I called them a few years ago to make sure gluten-free and they told me it was. The kit comes with seasonings. The only ingredients are corn masa flour (I don't use this, but if you like thicker chili you might), ground chili peppers, salt, garlic, cumin, oregano, onion, paprika, cayenne pepper.

ground meat of your choice (I use chicken)

2- 8 oz cans of plain tomato sauce (I use Contadina)

1-2 cans of Bush chili beans in mild sauce (these are gluten free per website)

1. brown the meat and drain the fat

2. Add tomato sauce and spice packet

3. Add beans

Let simmer for 15 minutes. If you want it thicker, this is where you add the masa flour.

The Kit calls for 2 lbs of meat, but I only do 1 lb meat and split the spice packet in half since I'm only cooking for two people.

I pretty much follow the old McCormicks chili packet recipe, but since McCormicks has wheat in it, I had to switch.

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I've never made chili that has included gluten but I like to add roasted chili peppers - I do this in the oven or reconstitute dried chiles such as chipotle or mulato. Adding some grated bittersweet chocolate tempers the heat a touch and adds a bit of sweetness (as would brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup, honey...). Chocolate is my secret weapon in chili and many other savoury dishes. I also make various chile powder blends to add. They are simple to make and you can really have fun experimenting with different chiles.

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