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Gluten Free For 2 Or So Months

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I've been gluten free for about 2 or so months I think now, and I haven't had any stomach aches from eating any foods while being gluten free so I don't think I've been glutened, I only believe this is true because i had a small sip of beer about a few weeks into being gluten free before i reset the time frame and 15 minutes later y stomach was killing me, uncontrollable bloating and turning of my stomach and instant trip onto the toilet. and i thought why did I get a sudden horrible, painful stomach ache so suddenly, then I realized what i did! well now its been 2 more months. I feel as if my hair feels fuller and well less thin. Not that I lost hair but it just feels way softer and has more volume, could it just be because of my recent haircut 2 weeks ago or could it be me being healthier? I also didn't go nuts on trying to bu a new toaster or anything for my gluten free waffles and different silverware or anything and have been fine as well. I've only gained 3 or so pounds since being on this diet, but hasn't went up a bit since. how long til I start gaining any weight, I'm 20 years old and am at 100 pounds, was just diagnosed before my birthday this past august. This diet is great for me and I do feel better but mentally I'm still pretty depressed about things including going out with friends and ordering a lame steak. I'm sick of rice, and Gluten free pasta haha. this life I'll never be used to, but I guess its the life I've been given, ill take it over feeling like crap.

is there anymore things that I should see if I notice that have improved since I've been on this diet? other than less back pain and more energy???

how did you feel, what did you notice?

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