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Lamb Pie

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Since I can't eat tomato right now I keep craving foods with it in them :(

Again, I am not much for measuring but I will try.

Lamb Pie

Pie crust, for top and bottom

A pound of ground lamb, browned.

Small can of tomatoes, cubed.

Feta cheese, large chunks. 1/3 cup? (not too much)

Fresh spinach, maybe 1 cup.

Bread crumbs.

Salt and pepper.

Mix browned lamb,tomatoes and spinach.

Gently add in feta cheese chunks.

Add some bread crumbs to absorb excess juices if needed and salt and pepper.

Put into pie crust, top with crust and bake at about 375 for about 30 to 40 minutes until crust is cooked and brown.

This freezes very well before it is cooked.

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