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Itching Finally Under Control

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Well, it has been six months (minus a week) that I've been off gluten and only now am I really starting to get rid of the bi-products of the constant barrage my gut had from gluten. The itching was the most annoying problem. All over itching and a sense that every time I ate I had a reaction. That has calmed down this cycle somehow. I still get a bit of liver pain but the itching is much much less. Crossed fingers that it lasts!

Also, I have my first proper cold for the first time. This is a good sign, as if you are being attacked by bugs apparently you want a proper 'washing out' of the bug with runny nose and phlegm. If you only get half a reaction then the bug is still waiting inside, having a party and getting ready to have another go at you. I've also had one episode of D, thinking that it might have been a glutening, but I think it was again another symptom of 'washing out' or clearing. The follow up herbal clinic meeting I had was very positive but my adrenals are still very low, not just from the gluten issue, but from the crazy work schedule I've been on for the last four months. Another good sign is that if I get upset I can actually cry, whereas before I just didn't have the energy to react to anything!

Anyone else getting a cleariing effect six months after kicking gluten?

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