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I'm planning for camp in June. I have the menu so I can take the same in gluten-free. I'll be there too so I can prep the meals. Any ideas?

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I see there haven't been any responses yet. Maybe if you shared a bit more it would help us to know what would be helpful.

Since you have the menu and will be there, what exactly is it that you would like ideas for? Are there specific menu items that you don't have recipes for yet?

Are there questions about what equipment you should bring with you or what will be available at the camp? issues or questions with regards to cross-contamination and kitchen equipment?

Logistics of bringing and storing ingredients?

How to serve your kid the special food-practical timing etc. or the social side?

How will snacks be handled?

I'm not sure what I can offer for help without understanding more about what you feel you need is, but the above are some things the we think about when attending a camp. I helped plan the menues and communicate the needs of a couple of us with food allergies at our last year's church camp. I was able to negotiate completely gluten-free meals for all, with the exception of cereals and carbs at breakfast, which we allergic folk brought our own. I also know what some other have done with regards to sending their kids off with food when the menu was not as much in their favor.

Let us know a bit more how we can help. I'm sure there are many here who would be happy to share.

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