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Abdominal Distention? Try This!

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This has always been my main issue, and one of the big ones for most of us, especially the gals. I used to do all kinds of abdominal exercises and all I got was big bloated muscular abs!

I started doing 'stomach vacumes' a year ago, and like most things I lost interest-they didnt seem to be working.(Thats my A.D.D. there too).

In January when I went gluten free I started to incorporate these into my daily workout again but this time stuck with it like I'm sticking to a gluten free diet. I am not a bodybuilder, but I stretch, lift some light weights, and jog on my treadmill for 15 minutes a day. I have to as I have a sedentary job, and I'm a couch potato after work.

Anyhoo, it took a couple of weeks, but I am starting to see results. I can actually suck my gut in somewhat. My theory is that the muscles have become weak and stretched out from years of distension, so doing these has got them back into shape. Kind of like the 'kegeling' my wife did after the kids were born! :wub:

Dont expect results right away-it will take a couple weeks and you have to do them every day. Here is the link:


Let me know if they work for you!

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It's true, these are great....gotta tighten up those deep core muscles! They can also help prevent back problems..BONUS! I'm a Kinesiologist and personal trainer and this is always where we start...from the inside-out ;)

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Its also the starting place for pilates. My transversus stopped working properly after I hurt my neck and back in a car accident. To recover I did rehab work with qualified pilates trainer to rebuild my core muscles (after spending lots of insurance money on chiropractors). It took while, but worked a treat, and worked much better alongside a gluten free diet.

This thread is a good reminder that we have to look after our bodies via exercise as well as diet.

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