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I signed up with www.thefreshloaf.com, which is a bread baking forum, to see if I could learn more about breadmaking in general. They have a section for gluten-free and other "special needs" breads (vegan, sugarless, etc), and they appear to have a need for people who actually know what gluten-free means to chime in once in a while and answer questions, because boy, there are a lot of people out there with some really wild ideas of what does and does not have gluten. I'm going to do my best to give people good answers there, because there is a lot of guesswork and inaccuracy so far in what I've read. Maybe some of you with experience can do the same. My handle over there is "gfyarnnerd". The gluten-free posts are not frequent or copious so I'll probably only check in once in a while. I got used to dealing with knowledgeable people here, so it was quite an eye-opener!

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