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Interesting Question During Colonoscopy

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So... I had my second colonoscopy yesterday. My first was 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with celiac by bloodwork and my GI doc said that I was close enough to the beginning screening age.

This time, when I told one of the nurses asking about past medical history that I was a biopsy-proven celiac (by bloodwork and an endoscopy a few years later) and that all three of my daughters had been diagnosed in the last 10 years, the only question she asked was, "Do you eat out in restaurants?"

When I met w/ the doctor who asked me if there were any GI illnesses or cancer in my family and I told him of my celiac history, he asked, "Do you eat out in restaurants?"

It wasn't until later than I thought the question from two different people interesting and wish I'd thought to ask why they asked that particular one?

I told them both, "Nope, we don't eat out anymore. It's just too hard and we've found it's just not worth it."

We don't live near a PF Changs and almost EVERY place we've been to in our very tiny rural town has gotten something so wrong I've had to send my food back... so we just don't go.

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