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Hi all. My daughter just turned 4 and was cross contaminated over the weekend :(

Shr has accidentally been cross contaminated before but has never reacted the way she has this time. In the past her tummy would bloat up and she would pass the worst smelling gas ever followed by nasty stick foul poops. This time however no nasty smelling farts but diarrhea 4x on Sunday (she was cced on Sat. Night) started coughing Monday and had diarrhea 3x and refused to eat as the day went on. Tuesday she started running a fever and didn't eat anything all day long but did drink some water thank goodness. She went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 9:30 screaming in pain she was doubled over for about 10min crying then it passed and she fell back asleep. She woke up again at 3am doubled over screaming in pain again this time for about 5 min. She fell back asleep and woke up again at 6:30 and had diarrhea after she went she said her tummy felt a little better.

Could all of this be from CC?

Is there anything I can do to help with the tummy pains? I feel so helpless I just want her to not have to go through this and feel better :(

We have a follow up apt. With her GI tomorrow. We saw him two months ago and discovered she had poop impacted so this is a follow up to make sure we got it all out. She had been gluten-free for a year now and is undiagnosed. All blood tests come back negative for all suspected food allergies but yet dairy makes her throat swell to the point whrre she can't swollow, bananas make her pee pee turn red and severely inflamed. Gluten causes acid reflux, belly inflamation, autistic traits behavior wise, nasty foul poos, knee pain ect.

She is on an amino acid based formula called neocate and I truely believe this formula is the only reason she is thriving so well. She has always been in the 95% percentile for height and weight and bc she has doctors throw everything we have to say out the window bc she is so big and thriving. This is sooo frustrating! I feel my daughter would have to be under weight for them to even listen to a word we have to say.

Sorry this ended up being so long...had to vent.

Thanks all for reading.

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So sorry to hear all your difficulties. As each child reacts differently to cross contamination tummy pains, diarrhea , nausea and behavior issues are common threads. I personally have never had fever as a side effect and found nothing OTC to help with the pain. I give my DD Tylenol to help her sleep and Tums as a Placebo.

As you are going to see your GI soon just be ready with the symptom list, times it happened and food diary if possible. It took us 2 years with our Pedi to get to a GI and a diagnosis.

As your child is gluten free now testing is impossible to do now but you may have to do a challenge in the future if you want an official diagnosis. (for school etc..)

Good luck with all.

BTW my DD is in the 95% also. It took awhile for the Dr to look beyond their own noses. As I understand it, as more Celiacs are being diagnosed they are finding a greater percent being above average in ht and wt than before.

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with her having a fever, it may even have been a tummy bug, last time my daughter had 1 she had the exact things your daughter did

if her throat is seeking from dairy, get in to see an allergist and gether IgE levels done, or skin testing (although skin testing isn't always accurate) throat swelling is an allergic response, next time she may go into anaphylactic shock, don't give her any dairy until you have been given the all clear by an allergist, if your ped says you don't need to see one demand one

my daughter has an anaphylactic reaction to milk, it statrs with throat swelling although other people are different

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Mizzo-That's great to hear your childs GI doc saw past your childs healthy growth, I hope we are as lucky.

My husband and I refuse to do the gluten challenge with our daughter. It affects her waaay to much to even be worth a paper confirming she has it. Grant it I have been almost thinking I NEED the diagnosis for myself and my daughter I think im finally getting at peice that for now that won't happen and that's okay bc I know what gluten does to us and it is proof enough. Lucky for us my daughter will be home schooled, if she wasn't I think I'd be stressing out about getting a diagnosis more so than ever.


My daughter has been dairy free 100% since she was 6 months old. I breastfed her for 6 months and at her 6 month well baby check up her doctor advised me to stop breastfeeding because my daughter had dropped 3 lbs. Due to her body rejectinf my milk. I stopped BF and we put her on neocate formula which is dairy free and at the times her issues resolved until she started eating solids.

She has been to an allergist and all her blood work even scratch testing came back fine. However her allergist said the testing is about 60% accurate and that there is clearly an intolerant of some kind to some foods.

My daughters old pediatrician gave us some horrible advise a few months ago. He wanted us to get a full blood panel and told us to feed her the foods we suspected to be an allergy to her. We not knowing any better did so, I gave her a piece of gluten free toast with a light spread of real butter on it (my daughter had no idea I put real butter on it) she took one bite swollowes and what seemed like instantly I could see her have a reaction. She started moaning and wouldn't talk to me to tell me what was going on all she was able to do was moan and point to her mouth and throat. For hrs she couldn't talk and she couldn't even swollow her own saliva :(

I'm definitely thinking she had some type of virus right now. When one is cross contaminated does is lower your immune system to make you more susceptible to picking up viruses? It seems she gets sick after being CC but never this bad before.

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I'd ask them to do the blood tests for allergies, if she can't swallow when she has a reaction you Ned to push for an epi pen junior

when my little ones are cc they definitely seem to get sicker, my 3 yr old just couldn't shake a cold, usually she is over it in 2 days

I font understand why skin test are used for food allergies your skin isn't your gut! Our ped is great he listens, we kept getting told our daughter was so small as I am and her dad is Chinese, gluten free she grew 1 inch in a month now, AMD went from a size 7.5 shoe to a 9

if you aren't happy with the doc just keep pushing,

have you tried dairy alternatives besides neocate? Our daughter even reacted to that, hemp milk is great,

have they checked her for EE? That can cause swelling and milk protein is a common reactant

good luck at your appointment, we go back to our GI in march about a swelling in her tummy, this idiot toldus even though she has celiac genes and all her symptoms including enamel defects, rashes she just had nerve damage and to give her zantac and hugs

we went gluten free against his wishes and he is going to be very annoyed!

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We did start taking her to a new pedi and he is great thus far! We have only seen him once and when we told him her reaction to dairy he prescribed an epi pen on the spot.

Thanka for the good luck we need all the luck we can get righy about now!

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Thus far i feel my daughtera GI doc is pretty awesome. He listened and took in everything my husband and I had to say today. The nutritionist noted that my daughters formula is giving her 100% of her daily nutrients and vitamins she needs and 50% of her calorie intake for the day. That answers why she is thriving so well even being on a very limited food intake diet.

With my daughter being sick at the moment he didn.t want to run any xrays to see if poo is cleared out but he did suggest us getting the genetix testing blood work ran in which we did. He stated if she tests positive for that than based off of the genetic testing and diet he would diagnose her celiac.

He also said to come back in three months to talk about a possible endoscopy procedure.

I feel good about the appointment today and that we are headed in the right direction!

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