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  1. Both my kids had to use miralax as c was their main symptom. Mour gastro told us a double or triple dose for 3 days to get everything out, then follow the dosing on the bottle for adults. It's tasteless so justbmix it in with water. If the adult dose isn't enough use a dose and a half for awhile...
  2. Sounds like the so called expert at our local kids hospital, your daughter has constipation not diarrhea so she has reflux not any gluten issue I was unaware that reflux gave you constipation
  3. no, if you have an allergy to milk protein, you cannot have any dairy at all, my 3 yr Oldham an anaphylactic allergy to milk, while the allergy tends to be to the protein, which is what allergy testing tests for, most with milk allergies are also allergic to the whey part caesin is in pretty much...
  4. the stupidest thing we always seem to hear is the word virus me- my 2 yr old has been having diarrhea on and off for a while, now its green water and mucus doc - its probably a virus me- what to I do doc - keep her hydrated me- what if it doesn't clear up doc-its a virus it will me- she's...