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  1. stanleymonkey

    Need Advice, Please!

    Have they done a stool sample to check for intestinal bleeding? That's the first thing they did for my 2 yr old
  2. stanleymonkey

    Save Me From My Mil

    The teddy bit made me laugh! She sounds a bit like my SIL, except my SIL is mean and rude with it, not sure about...
  3. stanleymonkey

    Need Potty Training Help!

    It might be worth talking to your doctor about a bowel management programme. It basically involves set toilet times...
  4. stanleymonkey

    Constipation. Anyone Want To Give Me Some Advice?

    If it hurts to sit you probably have hard stool blocking everything else, it's just going to sit there and get worse...
  5. stanleymonkey

    Need Advice, Please!

    What was she like as a toddler we are starting to suspect my 2 yr old has crohns but my MIL is 75 so can't remember what...
  6. stanleymonkey

    Need Advice, Please!

    Lower left quadrant pain and rectal bleeding and having er appendix out? That sounds exactly like my husband when he...
  7. If you are intolerant to anything in milk it is lactose. It is more likely for you to be allergic to casein as it is...
  8. stanleymonkey

    Toddler W/celiac?

    I'd keep taking her to the er, she's lost weight and will be getting dehydrated. 17 days of diahrrea is not normal.
  9. stanleymonkey

    Medic-Alert Bracelet

    We got bracelets from Idonme, they do medic alert and basic I'd, they are waterproof etc, adjustable, and they have paper...
  10. stanleymonkey

    Medic-Alert Bracelet

    I lived in the middle east where we have digital records, done properly they work, but if anything changes unless you...
  11. stanleymonkey


    OP, Veggies with hummus or tahini for dipping, great for weight gain. Send her with full at Greek yogurt too. Both...
  12. stanleymonkey

    Medic-Alert Bracelet

    We have medic alert bracelets for our kds, my eldest is allergic to 2 types of antibiotic so we have added severely gluten...
  13. I was looking into starting a support group for kids in our city, the adult group meets once a month. I tried talking...
  14. stanleymonkey

    Toilet Issues

    That's great! It might take a few weeks to get the dose right nd things moving along again, so don't worry if it isn...
  15. stanleymonkey

    Waiting On Celiac Panel Results

    We used to mix my 2 yr olds miralax in water without telling her we just gave her the water, she never knew when she...