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Beta Carotene Test And Malabsorption

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I lost about 12% of my body weight from Aug 2011 to Feb 2012 with most of it lost in Oct and Nov. My endo attributes it to my hyperthyroidism and mostly paleo diet but my primary care doc was worried so he referred me to a gastroenterologist who last week ordered up a celiac panel and a beta carotene test. I have been strict GFCFSF since Nov 2011 so the celiac panel came up negative for celiac. However, the beta carotene test result was "high" to which my docter concluded "no malabsorption". Test results as follows:

Test Result Flag Units Reference Interval

Gliadin Abs IgA 6 units 0-19

Gliadin Abs IgG 3 units 0-19

tTg IgA <1 U/mL 0-3

tTg IgG 1 U/mL 0-5

Endomysial IgA Negative Negative

Immunoglobulin A Qn, Serum 328 mg/dL 70-400

Carotene, Beta 203 High ug/dL 10-85

I have not had a conversation with him yet, this is from the fax of the lab report.

Is anyone familiar with the beta carotene blood test as an indicator of absorption? Is it conclusive? Thanks.

  • self-dx gluten-sensitive 2007 but did not take it seriously
  • dx autoimmune Graves hyperthyroidism 9-7-11
  • second opinion doctor confirmed autoimmune hyperthyroid dx, suggested possible autoimmune thyroid-gluten sensitivity connection
  • medication-induced hyperthyroid remission 11-4-11
  • lab test dx gluten, casein, ovalbumin, and soy sensitive 12-15-11
  • taking diet seriously now, strict GFCFSF diet...

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