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Cate K

Testing Results

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Well now I am stumped. I have been going along thinking that there will be no way that my blood work will come back normal. I guess on that I was partially correct.

My blood results showed low iron levels, and the presence of AC anti-actin. (My results are in French so I don't have a literal translation). and the fecal test showed high levels of fat. I had thought for sure that the Ac anti-endomysium and the IgA & G would show positive but they came back within normal levels.

From what I read about the tests on the internet the presence of AC anti-actin would be more likely to indicate autoimmune hepatitis.

My doctor has suggested that I have the biopsy done but for me that means a trip to either Singapore or Thailand. He has no experience whatsoever with Celiac Disease. I guess given the other possible outcomes it is probably worth the trip to obtain a firm diagnosis - one way or the other - but it sure will be one expensive biopsy (I live in Saigon).

Any thoughts or experience with this? :(

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Hi Cate,

Would it be more cost effective if you just took yourself off gluten for awhile and see how that made you feel? Some people require the medical diagnosis and some people are okay with seeing how they react off the gluten to confirm a diagnosis.

If you choose to just remove gluten, I would suggest being super strict to avoid cross contamination. That way you would absolutely be sure that it was gluten that was making you feel the way you do (or not).

Hope this helps.

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