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Low Iron Levels Normal Hemoglobin

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I just got blood results. Hemoglobin is 10.4 (which is pretty normal for me; I have thalasemia minor). But my iron level is 19- normal range is about 30 - 170.

I changed doctors recently mostly because I keep still having low iron levels. I've been gluten-free since 2006. I think I've just stopped being able to absorb iron. I discussed this with my last doctor and requested infusions. She said "let's just see how you do with oral supplements." Well, all they did was test my blood over and over for about a year and half and half the time I'd have to call back and request that they retest it to see if it changed. No follow up at all. She never considered the infusions. So I switched.

The only thing I've had done at new doctors is this blood work. Finally got results in mail that said take iron supplements.

I know I'm not getting gluten in my diet accidently, because all other bloodwork is ok- even my PTH level (I have parathyroid disease from the celiac disease).

Anyone else get infusions for iron? Anyone else have an issue with not being able to absorb iron anymore?

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