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Tendons And Join Problems

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I wonder if anyone has had problems with tendons or joint pain. I presently have a partial swelling of my right foot with various types and degrees of pain. Been treated by podiatrist since Nov, 2011 and he states that it should be better by now. I have had MRI and CT Scan and there is nothing orthopedically wrong with my foot, other than pain & swelling. My right leg is also beginning to appear smaller than my left leg. Also dealing with overgrowth of candida in my intestine and that is being controlled by probiotics.

I have had Gluten problems since 2005. Started out rather mildly, now I have violent reactions to gluten. I don't know if any of this is related to the intolerance of Gluten. I know that this can cause a lot of different symptoms but wonder if anyone has experienced anything like this. I was also quite deficient in Vit. D. Taking prescription strength at present.

Please help, if any one can?

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I have just found out I have celiac and have been very ill from the time I was born.. I have been rushed to the ER in sever pain and have had swelling not only in my feet and legs but also my arms.. If I eat anything with gluten and soy products I am so ill and in so much pain I am screaming.. Not sure if this helps you or not.

Brenda Fite

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My feet and ankles swell up when I am glutened, and it is always worse on one side than the other. I am also stuck with a sort of perpetual, rotating inflammation of the tendon attachment points, which is a "feature, not a bug" of the type of arthritis I have.

I have, however, developed other intolerances to things that are NOT gluten, and they also cause the ankle, lower leg, foot swelling, in addition to the gluten exposure. Some of these edibles are even from manufactured items that are marked on the package as being "gluten free." They cause me to bloat up a bit, and I think part of the edema/swelling problem is then a resulting slowing down of circulation to the leg. Anyway, that's my theory, and I can bring the swelling down by avoiding certain foods and certain processed food items. Which admittedly sounds crazy. Some of this may be cross contamination.

Included on my "avoid" list if I want my ankle to de- puff is processed luncheon meat, boxed gluten free soups, grain millet, and artificial sweeteners other than saccharin. Sometimes a corn tortilla will make it puff mildly, but I am assuming that is actually mild cross contamination. I also suspect I might be becoming oat reactive, as avoiding those gluten-free grains processed with oats is also helping.

But I was able to start wearing some boots I had not been able to, when I stopped with the lunch meat. Proof !

I have attempted to get this medically diagnosed, and was unsuccessful. Don't even get me going on the reaction from the medical community to this. Obviously SOMETHING is wrong somewhere in my body function, if one foot/ankle gets larger and smaller all the time, but I live in a sort of medical "Idiotsville" which has trouble acknowledging that I have the arthritis and the gluten intolerance, let alone that gluten really does cause neurological symptoms for some of us.

Some other things you may want to look at:

Get checked out by an ob- gyn if you are female, as problems there can affect circulation. And get your thyroid function and antibodies for Hashi's checked, as thyroid problems can also cause this.

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