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I have my first GI appt this Thursday so I called my primary care office to get the lab results sent to the GI doc and spoke with a nurse today. Previously when they called to refer me to the GI doc they simply indicated that my iron was low and I was positive for celiac. I asked about specific numbers today. I'm going to ask for a copy at my appt on Thursday as well.

What she gave me was

Iron = 40 (normal 50-212)

Saturation = 9% (she said this was low but didn't give me details)

TTG = 42 (she didn't tell me normal ranges)

Will the iron improve on the gluten free diet or will I likely need supplements? I'd like to avoid iron supplements - I was on them when pregnant with my son. Also, what does saturation mean? I always think of questions after I've already hung up the phone.

Many thanks for your insight.

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