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Bagel World

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We were in the Beaches today and noticed Bagel World had a sign that said, "Gluten-Free Bagels" outside. Yay!

We went in and asked, and yes - they offered 4 kinds of gluten-free bagesl, and you could either order them one by one (to eat immediately) or buy a pack of 6 to take home. Excellent. So we ordered one bagel, and the girl behind the counter asked if I'd like it toasted. The conversation went like this:

Bagel World: Do you want it toasted?

Me: Do you have a gluten-free toaster?

BW: No, we just have the one toaster.

Me: So the gluten-free bagel goes in the toaster filled with gluten?

BW: *sigh* So you have an allergy?

Me: Yes. Putting a gluten-free bagel in a shared toaster isn't safe. They aren't "gluten-free" when you do that.

BW: *awkward silence*

So, that's the exchange that went down today. Very disappointing. I wonder how many people they've made sick?! I'm going to email them and let them know what happened.

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