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She still mentions removing the contents of a "normal" sandwich and putting it between two slices of gluten free bread and eating it -- if you are not "too sensitive."

Wow...I totally missed that part in the book. :blink:

Well even though I wasn't harmed by anything I read I suppose some people w/out better resources might take these things seriously.

I no longer support the book and am now ashamed to own a copy. :ph34r:

Darn....I really liked her writing style too.


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I know...she has a great, relaxed writing style. It's a shame that a lot of the facts are off. If you want to read it, it's fine--I just wanted to warn people before that you must not take the "facts" too seriously. I panicked months into the diet thinking I was consuming gluten only to confirm, once again, that the product was gluten-free--it was just wrong in her book.

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