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Pizza Ranch Gluten Free

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About a month ago a new Pizza Ranch opened in the NW suburbs of Minneapolis. My family moved to the Twin Cities about 4 years ago from Iowa and were so excited to hear about this, especially when we learned they were offering a gluten free crust.

We went, I ate, no stomach issues :rolleyes: BUT, ended up with an extreme allergic reaction :unsure: which involved an Epi-Pen and a drip to the ER (course, I was in a rush and accidently poked my thumb instead of my thigh :huh: which I don't recommend).

I have looked everywhere for a list of ingredients, but I will say this has happened one other time with a gluten free mix. So I don't know what I'm allergic too in these products.

I am highly allergic to nuts, melons, kiwis, bananas and sensitive to raw tomatoes.

Thoughts for the next step here? I am getting to know the folks at the ER way too well.

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