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Gluten Tests Negative

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I originally 3 years ago took a test when I had horrible stomach problems. He had me on a gluten free diet for a month and felt better but he made me get a blood test during the trial. Tests became negative but I found out 3 years later (this year) that I have to introduce gluten in to my diet for 2 weeks. Which make no sense because my old doctor didn't mention any of this and then classified me with IBS. Which I think is a cop-out, I use to travel all the time and played soccer and cross country for 7 years never had a health issue.

Basically, trying to see if this makes sense to other gluten users. My grandma has a history of thyroid issues, which I heard is related to celiac so I have heard, distant relatives have celiac in my family but no one immediate. Also, I would get small ulcers in my mouth or around my gums at times. I had very low Iron when I was at the hospital. When I would go it would be very pale, and foul smell (more than usual) and painful at times feeling like a golf ball passing through my intestine. I also had 2 colonoscopy and capsule. Everything looked fine except my small intestine showed redness, scaring, and shallow ulcerations. The last day on gluten I had such painful gas I had to lay on my side for 3 hours until it passed. Now, gltuen free for 3 weeks I haven't had a bout in a week. My stools are brown and no more foul smells. I still have an issues with bloating but now my issues seems the opposite, I feel constipated all afternoon when I eat which makes it hard to leave the house at times.

Do you think these symptoms lead to Gluten? I also had every test possible done (Crohns, colitus, multiple blood and stool tests, capsule endo, colonoscopy, scope.)

Also, how well did you feel after gluten free for a month? Was it noticeable? I am only 23 so hoping to save my gut from permanent damage and take my life back.


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