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Can My Excessive Bloating And Distensions Cause Abdominal Hernias?

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Four years ago I had an inguinal hernia repair. Sometimes I get so distended from my Celiac Disease that the area where my hernia repair was hurts extremely bad and is under excessive pressure, as does the rest of my abdomen. Can this excess pressure from bloating on my abdomen cause hernias? I get to a point where all I can do is lay on my back as the usual areas where hernias can form burn under the pressure. I was checked and clear of any hernias two days ago by the hospital, however I worry, as causes of hernias are still somewhat a mystery to me, all I know is you can get them from increased abdominal pressure. Is the bloating I get from Celiac Disease putting me at risk for a hernia recurrence, or new hernias? I am extremely worried.

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