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H Pylori Link

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There mybe a possible to celiac disease from the bug helicobactor pylori or more simply called H Pylori.

This is the bacteria that has been found to cause stomach ulcers. I came across this link starting from looking for a possible link between hypertension and silica and I scored yes!

Low silica in the body seems to be implicated in atzhiemers, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis and maybe a lot more.

Next I looked for reasons for lack of silica and came up with aluminium in diet and low stomach acid. Low stomach acid then lead to H Pylori bacteria which can suppress stomach acid, then the this leads inability to absorb nutrients and digest protiens.

If a person has H pylori and this causes low stomach acid, the proteins in wheat will not be broken down so undigested proteins flow into the small intestines where it is should not normally be seen and can therefore cause immune response. It would be nice to see some research into this to see how many celiacs have this H Pylori infection, very often this has no symptoms. Could H Pylori be the first stage in the chain of events that lead to celiac disease?

In the next few days I will get the results of my H pylori test, this could be the reason for my hypertension. I also have Dermatitis herpetiformis on the feets that has been linked to rye, wheat and barley foods.

Anybody else have any ideas or comments

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Hi Vince, welcome to the forum!

I think H.Pylori is a problem for celiacs sometimes. I don't think it is the cause though. It seems to me it is more likely to occur when a person's digestive system is in bad shape already. And with celiac that can be fairly often. I've had some success with treating it by avoiding alcohol and also taking mastic gum. Betaine HCL can also help as it raises the stomach acid some. There may be a need for antibiotics though if the damage is too severe.

Anyway, welcome again, and glad to have you with us! Unfortunatley there are a lot of theories about celiac and what triggers it but no definite answers yet.

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