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Bread Recommendations?

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I was wondering if any of you have the same situation I have -- super-sensitivity, multiple allergies, and unable find a good gluten-free bread product because one or more ingredients is something I'm allergic to.

Have any of you ever had a gluten-free bread free of the following?



Yeast and Molds

Fermentation (Vinegars, Lactic Acid, etc.)


Potato (and all nightshades)

Sugars (including honey, molasses, agave, etc.)

Beans and Legumes

Raw ingredients

Some of the companies I've tried and cannot have are,







Food For Life

Grindstone Bakery

Is there any hope of me finding a gluten-free bread that would fit these criteria or should I resign myself to finding a good bread recipe instead? Thank you for your help! :)

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I don't have all the extra allergies but read about Anna's Bread mix. I use the original one & we love it, she has many that do not have yeast, soy etc. Also google allergy free & many recipes will come up for you to check out.

Many times after getting celiac under control ( which can take several years to heal the intestinal tract) some people find they can have small amounts of things that caused problems in the past...................some take an antihistamine..

Plus there are several great allergy free cookbooks available....& bakeries for mailorder too.

Sorry I don't have time to look up the info as I have an appt. shortly.

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Mamaw, thanks for your reply! I checked out Anna's like you suggested and I think I'm better off looking for a recipe I can tweak on my own. As my leaky gut starts to heal and my symptoms clear up, I'll be sure to start re-introducing some of these allergens into my diet to see if I can tolerate them better. It's been a long, slow, and frustrating process, but one that is worth it if I can expand my diet to more than 8 ingredients! ;)

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You are headed in the right direction. It does take time.. I also was thinking maybe you could benefit from some vegan websites.. They may have a few things you could make safely....

good luck.... hugs

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