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Few Questions Before My Camera Tests

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Hi there

I'm due to have a camera through my mouth and bottom area where the doctor will take biopsies on Thursday and take a tgg blood test and scan etc

Prior to seeing my doctor I had gone with wheat for nearly 4 months although had in small amounts here and there in that time but mainly no wheat

Since learning I'm due to have celiac tests I've been eating lots of gluten for about 4 weeks now and to be honest feel really poorly

Such as:

I have loose foul smelling poos in the morning which seem sticky

Bloated after eating gluten with rumbling squelching tummy noises , gas and discomfort

Migraines and a feeling I have a hangover

Very tired

Had low ferritin levels for 5 years!

Depressive episodes with anxiety palpitations and mood swings

Itchy skin with the odd skin sore in my hair line bottom area but also I get red lumps on my face which are not blistered or have pus they are just lumps

Dark circle in the corner of my eyes and dry eyes

Hair thinning and I loose a bit everyday

Neck and shoulder pain most days

Sinus problems and reactions to chemical sprays such as perfume

Brain fog and a feeling of dizziness and not with it

Could this be celiac as I feel pretty unwell ;-(

Also would my villi still be damaged enough to show up on biopsies if I only reduced gluten for 4 months but en went mad and eaten loads of it for 4 weeks prior to testing

I also feel like I balloon with water when I eaten gluten my body feels heavy

Should I ask my doctor to test for Igg as I've read about it but I'm not sure what it's for I do feel a test on my immune system would be beneficial any advice?.

Please advise as I'm due in hospital on Thursday


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