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please help

6-8 weeks ago i really started to suffer with very painful cramps after i had eaten and finding my self having to rush to the bathroom, this continued. get more and more intense up untill around 2 weeks ago i went to the doctors.

He said i had IBS and was going to do some test as it could be celiacs, well i had the blood test and a stool sample and while i was waiting for the results to come through the pain in my stomach got worse and by this point my bowl movments were very very lose. Any way by the friday after being at the doctors on the monday the pain and the sickness i was feeling was so bad i was unable to eat or drink even water over the weekend.

The monday i went back to the doctors and they sent me to hospital, gave me a painkilling injection, told me to try a wheat/gluten free diet and sent me home with a prescription for buscopan (sp???).

well i took the tablets and followed the diet advice and the pain began to subside, in the mean time my results can back negative.

Over the last weekend i had run out of W/Gluten-Free froods so was eating 'normal' bread, ect and once again with in a few mouth fulls the cramping started.

So yesterday got more free from foods and called my doctor again, who have said the want to see me (but cant get in untill next tuesday, crazy- but thats another story!!)to make a plan and maybe see a dietition.

i dont knoe if its celiacs or not as i have heard blood test can come back negative even if yiooy do suffer with it all i know is it is very painfull and i can also end up feeling very sick, i already suffer with ME (CFS) which is a hassel in its self and i have just (well 6 months ago)come off anti-depressants and i really dont want to go back on them but it is really starting to get me down now.

does any one have any advice.

thank you


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Hi Sally,

You have to consume gluten and show enough damage to get diagnosed through medical testing to get diagnosed.

Some doctors use their brain and decide they can diagnose you gluten intolerant from the fact ~ it makes you sick when you eat it.

It sounds like you have your answer ~ gluten makes you sick. You have to know yourself, do you need a doctor to diagnose you as Celiac to stay on a LIFELONG gluten free diet?

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