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Blood Results Help?

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I just got my test results back for blood/urine/fecal, and it'll be a while before my doctor can see me (I don't really trust her anyways, she thinks that my GI issues and other health problems are 'in my head' and doesn't believe in gluten intolerance). Most things look normal, but she didn't run a full celiac panel. I'll post what is probably relevant, if anyone can see anything worth attention. I'm going to try to translate the blood tests from Italian, but I might not get them exactly right:

sangue occulto feci (hidden blood in stool) 119 ng/ml (positive >100)

MPV 10.7 fl (normal range 7.4-10.4) ****I've had this high on previous blood tests, too, but docs never said anything about it

TSH 3.61 uUI/ml (.46-4.2)

FT3 2.88 pg/ml (2.28-4.2)

FT4 1.28 ng/dl (.1-1.66)

my cholesterol was sort of funny as well, which is surprising considering I eat well, I'm thin and muscular, and am pretty active:

cholesterol 172 mg/dl (normal <200)

HDL chol 34 (for women normal >50)

tricglyerides 185 (normal <150)

tests that seem relevant to celiac testing:

chlorides 106 mmol/L (97-110)

A immunoglobulins 1.84 g/L (0.70-4.00)

alpha 1 glycoprotein acid 0.64 g/L (0.5-1.2)

Ac anti transglutamase IgA 0.4 ,U/ml (<2 negative)

Would appreciate any feedback, thanks!

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