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Panera/st. Louis Bread Co.?

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So although (at least to me) it sounds laughable that a restaurant whose specialty is delicious bread would have safe options for Celiac/gluten sensitive people. But I'm going to one in a few days to meet up with some non-Celiac friends and thought I'd ask. Before my body was completely detoxed of gluten, I ate at Panera a few times and got soup and salad, making sure I didn't get bread or pasta with it.

But now that I'm completely gluten free and am pretty sensitive to teensy little bits of gluten, I'm more concerned.

Has anyone had a reaction to pasta-less soup and salad at Panera/St. Louis Bread Co.? Or good experiences? Thanks :)

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I eat there (Panera) frequently without issue. But, I forget sometime to order my soup without croutons. They always give me a new bowl of soup without a problem.

They will also give you a notebook with the current ingredients, if you forget what you can order. All gluten will be listed. :)

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