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Cotton Throat

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Does anyone else get hit with it?

I generally get it every day when i don't have my makeshift vaporizor going (pot on stove). Allergies do not help, as it causes a bit of post nasal drip (no meds have helped with this, i live with it). Its not to the scale of say a benadryl caused cotton throat, but still.

So, what do you guys do?

I get struck with it in class often enough so i have a bottle of water with me to swig at. It stinks because there's nothin wrong with ya, you know you can swallow but its just too dry to do so, so water dowm the hatch.

Honey, for example, does help.

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Hmm I would just say it may be best to drink something with either an oily base or something a little sour and tangy like lemon water. Tangy flavors will stimulate salivary glands. As far as the oily base (like a lubricant) I just said that because too much water could actually dry your throat even more. I love flax milk. Our tissues need oils to lock in moisture. I experience this with xeroderma. I have to lotion everytime I shower in cooler months just to maintain or I will look like I am shedding my skin like a snake. I dont have enough oils in my skin.

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