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According to this celiac website they are. This is as of 2011. It might have changed.

http://www.celiaccen...y List 2011.pdf

However, according to the manufacturer website they might might not be.

Allergen/Gluten List Policy

For product specific information regarding the Big 8 allergens and cross-contamination associated with these allergens, please contact Farleys & Sathers Candy Company, Inc. Consumer Relations at 1-888-247-9855 or complete our Feedback form to receive information. Due to changes that may occur in the manufacturing and packaging environments, Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, Inc. does not provide allergen or gluten free lists.


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With a statement like that, simply refusing to give information, if they have anything at all with wheat in it, I would suspect CC. I expect the whole liability statement thing from companies and all that, and it has never bothered me, but the wording on this one just rubs me the wrong way. To me it reads as "Hi. You have celiac? We don't want you as a customer so have a great day and go away."

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