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  1. I live in Canada and Subway has gluten free bread. The one near my house at least is very conscious of cross contamination and will wipe the boards and put on new gloves if you order it. I also did research and found out that the poutine at New York Fries is safe (and delicious!)
  2. From Wikipedia: "Maltodextrin can be enzymatically derived from any starch. In the US, this starch is usually corn; in Europe, it is common to use wheat. In the European Union, wheat-derived maltodextrin is exempt from labeling, as set out in Annex II of EC Directive No 1169/2011." I...
  3. I just did the same exact thing that BGG did. I've loved this drink for years, but after not having it for a while, I got some on the weekend and was drinking it yesterday and today at work. Today I had *ahem* stomach issues after finishing one cup, and got increasingly more spacey/dizzy/headachy...