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  1. I’ve gone back to being bloated CONSTANTLY like I was before I gave up gluten.. In the last 6 weeks I’ve never really not been bloated for a like noticeable length Of time as I’ve p much had gluten like 1x a week and then I’d be recovering from it then have it again accidentally just as it was ...
  2. Apologies for such a late reply!! but thank you so much for this. ok so here is a photo of my results that I got back...they had NOT tested for TTG IgA the first time despite it being ordered!! they only did the IgA but had told me to give up gluten. i went back 2 months...
  3. Oh also here are the forums I found talking about it, worth a read it’s interesting! Maybe it is unrelated though!!
  4. I’ve seen on other forums here that it can come with coeliacs disease! All my hormones have been checked and they were ALL normal! no they didn’t 😢 They did yes and everything was completely normal! So I know that now, but i was actually wrongly told by my dr that I coul...
  5. So, I’m going through diagnosis and testing for coeliacs at the moment but I’m pretty certain I have it. one of my symptoms that occurred anoit 4 months ago has been a change in my breasts of all things! now I know that I have not gained weight, however my breasts grew about 2 cup sizes!! T...