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  1. Dear Veronica, May I suggest you some gluten-free, homemade pancakes with marple syrup and fruit ? I recall having cooked that sometimes and marple syrup and some slices of banana helped a lot with the savour 😅
  2. Dear Michelle1234, You're welcome It's currently really tough to be on a gluten-free diet, especially when it comes to restaurants Hope you're going to recover soon
  3. Dear Michelle1234, My answer is yes, but it's only a "case". Nearby my Italian village there's a pizzeria where they also prepared gluten-free pizzas and they have a delivery service. Other than this place, I never found anything else I think the only chance you have is searching for a gluten...
  4. Bouchra, I'm so sorry to hear these news these doctors are truly shallow and clumsy ! You cannot write something wrong on such important papers ! 😠 As regards this "celiac family", unfortunately I've never heard about this however, it's good news that it's not cancer : that would have been wo...
  5. Dearest Bouchra, I think your doctor is a bit shallow : it's not right to say such cruel things without evidence I'm sorry for what you have been through, that was truly tough ! Hope you can sort all things out Me neither, I am not at all embarrassed to say that I suffer from depression...
  6. Dear Bouchra, I've written to you this piece of info, because I thought you didn't know that. My message wasn't criticism, I am instead favourable to the assumption of antidepressants (I am taking one too). You're right RMJ
  7. Dear Bouchra, I have to tell you that one of the most common side effects of antidepressants is indeed nausea. It must be written within the leaflet. However, I still suggest you to discuss it with your doctor.
  8. Dear Bouchra, I don't want to confuse you, but I must told you that the blood test supposed to check whether you're celiac or not, it's not reliable. Your doctor gave you a good advice : do the biopsy and the endoscopy so you will have a proper result. Let us know what the result will be and...
  9. Oh...my...God...I didn't know that and it's simply disgusting ! 😓😱 I think my love for Nutella just died 😔😭
  10. But it's so delicioussss 😅😂😢 🤔 however, how it's like having dinner for breakfast ? I've never tried it
  11. Since her birth, sorry, my bad 😅😱
  12. Yes my best friend is celiac from her own birth (can I say this ? Lol) and she always ate Nutella without problems
  13. I suggest you some slices of gluten-free bread with some jam or Nutella on it : it's simply delicious ! 😍😋 just hope you like sweet food as breakfast 😅
  14. Exactly DJFL77I. Be also careful, because too much fruit can weigh on your liver