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  1. The Xifaxan was my 2nd round of antibiotic. I was breath tested after the Xifaxan and had normal H2 levels. SIBO gone. Bloating and cramping and mega gas gone as well. I don’t think the SIBO is back. Recently had biopsy for H pylori which was negative. Nausea and burning gnawing sensation is what k...
  2. Any opinion on Bobs Red Mills gluten free oatmeal? That’s what I’ve been eating. Think I’m doing ok on it 🙄
  3. Where can you buy purity protocol gluten free oatmeal? My Google searches only got me to information on the details of purity protocol. I can’t find the products for sale.
  4. I get my first shot today. I had the same anxiety as you about the vaccine affecting my gut issue. Everything I can find indicates that the vaccine should not impact most underlying conditions. I have a friend who has pulmonary fibrosis. she got the shot and is doing fine. My sister-in-law has allergies...
  5. Thanks. I ordered some Befotiamine and a really good Multivitamin as well. I’m taking a number of other supplements as well.
  6. Ive been pretty much gluten free for 6 months with the one exception of learning that the oatmeal I had been eating might have been contaminated, so 3 weeks ago I switched to certified gluten free. So far the symptoms have not improved 3 weeks later. Id think Id see some improvement??? Also I am...
  7. Posterboy; I don't think I have a thiamine deficiency as I am taking extra B12, D3, Multi-vit, Mg Citrate, digestive enzymes, tumeric/ginger, Lactobacillus, DGL and Apple cider vinegar and aloe vera when I can remember to drink it. I did fine for a while after getting completely off the PPI but gradually...
  8. Question. I’ve read in numerous places that SIBO can cause GERD. The thing is I had GERD long before ever having SIBO so I’m not inclined to believe that theory. I do believe PPIs can cause SIBO. Can PPIs and SIBO cause celiac??
  9. Yes I had a biopsy which showed mild villi blunting. Blood tests for celiac were negative. I’ve been on a gluten free diet for 6 months with the possible exception that the oatmeal I had been eating might have been contaminated ( I didn’t know oatmeal could get contaminated) and I switched to cer...
  10. I was put on PPIs back in 2003 when I had H pylori and esophagitis (GERD). Nausea at the time was not an issue. I was kept of PPIs for the GERD and gastritis which became less of an issue with time. They kept me on the PPI for 17 years because supposedly "I needed it" per my docs to prevent getting...
  11. Thanks Posterboy for the comments and links. I know I’m driving my GI doc nuts by bugging him to figure this out. Maybe that’s an impossibility. Night before last I was awake all night with terrible nausea cramping and gas. I was convinced my SIBO was back. Last night I slept a continuous 7 hours and...
  12. PS: I was off the PPI for 5 months and doing pretty well, but then the acid started coming back. Ive been taking DGL, digestive enzymes, probiotics, L Glutamine, Multi-Vit, Iberogast. Now the nausea from the acid is really bad and the PPI offers relief. This is so confusing and difficult, I dont...