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  1. chatycady

    Meal Plans For Scd?

    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs made with a little yogurt. almond flour pancakes with butter and honey. Fresh fruit. Snack - apple and yogurt or apple and peanutbutter lunch - Fried Chicken, mashed cauliflower (like mashed potatoes) Peas, carrots, winter squash; Homemade butter pecan frozen yogurt. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Sweets: Blonde brownies (almond flour, butter and honey) Coconut macaroons Supper - grilled chicken salad - yogurt dressing (like ranch) or vinegerette dressing. Fresh pineapple with french cream. Lemon Tarts, (Recipe's from Healing Foods cookbook.) This is not a low carb diet. Don't eat anything that causes a reaction, but eat as much as you want of what agrees with you. I munch all day long and eat well at each meal. Theses are low calorie foods, and all very very good for me. I increased my bone density by 2.5%. It's not a lot, but if I continue to increase in 5 years I will have cured my osteopenia! Also, my iron level is excellent, B-12 level normal, and vitamin D normal (I supplement D) Plus my skin is soft and clear, my hair healthy and shiny. My mind is clear and sharp and I have tons of energy. Life is finally very good! Enjoy!
  2. I too have trouble with all vitamins, medications and cheese. I have been doing research about "tannin" allergy and it seems to fit me. Tannin is a plant phyenol (my spelling is poor) I noted that cellulose is made from plants. I have trouble with fruit juices, (high in tannin) cheese (ananto - tannin) Tea, coffee, wine, grapes, berries, black beans, soybeans, and more. all are high in tannin. Is that the possible connection?
  3. chatycady

    What's With The Coffee?

    I have been reading through this topic and I think I know why I react to coffee, tea and chocolate. It's tannin! I looked up the foods that contain tannin and they are all ones that give me trouble. Most wines (Chablis and Pino Grigio are ok) Beer Coffee, Tea, Walnuts, pecans, and almonds (blanched almonds and skinless peanuts are okay) strawberries (all berries) chocolate grapes commercial fruit juices (grape, apple juice, orange juice, etc.) black beans these are just some of the foods with tannin. Symptoms are: headache (sometimes migraines) anxiety, rapid heart rate ataxia. If a person is sensitive it can cause iron anemia, B12 anemia, stomach ache, digestive problems and it can cause carbohydrate malabsorption!!!! This may be the last piece of my puzzle.
  4. I have been on the diet for 15 months. I follow the diet closely. I still have trouble with dry eyes if I accidently eat something that is "illegal". I used to think eyemake up caused my eye problems, but I have discovered it has something to do with food. I think the dry eyes and dry mouth comes from a number of different foods, grains one of them, but I believe preservatives and sugar also cause me trouble. I am able to eat the yogurt, but no other dairy. I can not tolerate any nuts, but coconut doesn't appear to be a problem. Honey, is okay. I do not eat anything that is not of the "legal" list. I struggle with "legal" carbs and must eat very small amounts of them. I eat a lot of olives, dill pickles, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, carrots, onions, yogurt, butter, eggs, apples, pears, peaches, fish, sea food, pork steaks, chicken, and beef. I make bone broth and make lots of soups during the winter. I have been sick since age 19 (anemic). I was 52 when I started the gluten free diet. So I think my digestive system was very damaged and I don't know if it will ever fully heal. But all my symptoms are gone if I eat foods that aren't a problem for me, but they do return if I accidently eat a "illegal" food. Each set back does get easier. I've had a set back this weekend, and my eyes hurt. They were red, scratchy and so very dry. When I blink my eye lids get stuck to them. When I close them they bother. It feels like there is duct tape stuck to my eyeball! Tomorrow they will be better and I'll have better vision too. I really had to think, study and make a mental note of all the foods I eat, how I feel, what symptoms, etc. It is difficult to figure out, but well worth it. What works for me does not work for my sister. I tolerate meat, she can't. I eat eggs, she can't, she tolerates more carbs, I can't. Get the picture? Good luck and I hope you can discover what works for you, and you are relieved of your symptoms! God bless you. chaty
  5. I haven't been able to find unpasturized honey. I just buy the more expensive honey at the store that is harvested just across the river - local honey producer. I don't buy the cheap wal-mart kind. Just be careful - too much honey can give you bad reactions at first. I ate the yogurt plain the first couple of days. When I had no reaction I celebrated big time!!! Then added honey. I had been without dairy for over a year and missed cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc. etc. I was so thankful (and still am) that I can tolerate the yogurt. It is really delicious. I use 1/2 and 1/2 to make mine. I need extra fat and calories right now. It makes great frozen yogurt too, and salad dressings, and breads, and check out Carol's Cauliflower recipe on the SCD website.
  6. I read the information on the links you posted. It looks like a good option. For now I'm going to continue the path I'm on. I'm doing very well on this diet and actually enjoy the food. For the first time in my life, I like to cook. Food is no longer my enemy, but my therapy. I hope the diet works for you too.
  7. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  8. I read somewhere they way to determine if bad reactions to yogurt is die off or intolerance is to freeze some yogurt. Freezing kills the cultures. If one reacts to the frozen yogurt - it's an intolerance. If one doesn't - it's die off. And the yogurt it doing it's job getting rid of the unwanted "beasties" as you call them! I eat 2 to 4 servings every day and am doing well. Next month I go back to the Dr. and find out if I have reversed osteopenia - or at least held my own.
  9. I believe you are on to something!!! My whole theory (scientific or not) is to eliminate foods that cause a immune reaction. In turn the healing of the intestine begins and hence the immune system is strengthened and attacks the "correct" invaders. For me it is working. I know what foods are problems and avoid them altogether. It takes time and energy to figure out which foods are okay and which are triggers, but it is worth it!
  10. I wasn't diagnosed with sjogren's - I gave up on Dr's. as they could only tell me what was wrong, not what was causing it, or how to fix it. I had terribly dry eyes, mouth, hair and skin. Eyes were red and scratchy and hurt. Mouth was always dry with NO saliva. It was awful. I went on the SCDiet about 16 months ago and all these symptoms are gone. My sister was diagnosed with the beginning of sjogrens. She is following the diet also and is in remission. She also is in remission with lupus - no drugs. GRAINS seem to be an issue for people with this disease. SCDiet addresses this. My hope is, that once my intestine is healed the autoimmune issues will resolve. I believe diet is the cure for auto immune issues. I think of food as medicine and poison. The mystery is to find out which foods are the cure and which are the poison. The SCDiet addresses this too. By the book, read everything the websites and see what you think. The cure is slow, but worth it. I knew I was on to something with in a couple days. I believe if you eliminate the irritation the body will heal itself. Good luck and God bless you!
  11. I've been gluten free for about 3 years. I wasn't heavy before, 5'4" and 135 lbs. Since going gluten free and having to eliminate lots of food (dairy, grains, sugar etc.) I am under 120. I too get rude comments. I don't like how I look at all. My legs are like tooth picks. I eat a lot! Or I think I do. I have a lot of trouble with carbs - so stick with fruits, veggies and meat and yogurt. Can't do nuts. Here's what I usually eat 3 eggs scrambled in butter piece of fruit and yogurt. double serving of meat with veggies, 1+ cup of yogurt (lactose free) more fruit 1/3 hamburger with onions, veggies with butter 1+ cup yogurt dill pickels olives carrot sticks, celery, cauliflower for crunch snacks. And I keep loosing weight - although much slower now. I pray I stop soon. I am active and have tons of energy. I just would like some padding. My tail bone started hurting a couple weeks ago and I think it's because of the weight loss. Life goes on!
  12. chatycady

    Macdonalds Fries?

    I thought they were NOT gluten free? Are they?
  13. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly, but you will get better. Just think positive and start working on healing your digestive system. Intolerance are common, but don't have to be lifelong. Cure your tummy and you will be able to eat normal foods again. (gluten free of course) Probiotics, vitamins, enzymes and good food - fresh fruits and veggies and fresh meat, should get you on the path to recovery!
  14. Yes. I can't eat any of the gluten free products that contain grains, starch, sugar, etc. Too difficult for me to digest. I follow the SCdiet and am doing well. I hope you get better too.
  15. I just purchased some digestive enzymes on line. (SCD legal) I follow the diet closely and eat yogurt everyday. I am wondering if anyone else here is using them and what I can expect. I realize we all respond differently. Will I be able to eat more legal foods? I ordered them because I am pretty thin and need to add some carbs to either gain a couple pounds or stay my current weight. I can't tolerate the baked goods or citrus fruit, grape juice and more. Just want some feed back. Thanks chaty