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Rhuematic fever (twice) I think this was the trigger.

iron anemia


Unexplained hepitites

Pernicious anemia

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Finally gluten free - 2006

  1. I too have trouble with all vitamins, medications and cheese. I have been doing research about "tannin" allergy and it seems to fit me. Tannin is a plant phyenol (my spelling is poor) I noted that cellulose is made from plants. I have trouble with fruit juices, (high in tannin) cheese (ananto - tannin...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Yes, it is very normal! There will be times when he will appear to be normal, but each bout will be more severe and more damage is done. He will have weeks of normalcy, then days of illness. Back and forth until eventually he is malnourished and has all sorts of problems from anemia to heart or liver...
  4. I used to wake up and see a bird hovering over me. My heart would race and I would be confused for a bit. It wasn't a bird, but our ceiling fan!! Doesn't happen anymore... Isn't that interesting???
  5. Extreme fatigue and sleepiness can be caused by low blood pressure. My doctor called it "dumping". Food passes too quickly through the small intestine, which in turns causes the blood pressure to drop. A change in 10 points in pressure can cause symptoms. So if you are normally 110/70 and drop to...
  6. I have had a problem with bad breath for years, and yes, I believe it is associated with "gluten". I hope your wife is feeling better and no longer has this problem.