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  1. Just wanted to put the word out to anyone in the North Dallas area that there is a new informal support group. It's called "Gluten Free Frisco" and at this point it's just a message board with two members, but I'm hoping it will grow into something much bigger. If you are in the North Dallas area, please feel free to register and participate! (Or even if you aren't in the area, but I"m really hoping to grow into a group that gathers every so often for lunch/dinner/whatever and/or some other type of organized functions.) Also if you know anyone in the North Dallas area that is looking for local support/friendships with other people living a gluten free life style, please tell them about this. Gluten Free Frisco Website Thanks, and hope to see some people join up!
  2. I have (had?) problems with bananas too. Not crippling stomach pain, but a serious belly ache that makes me nauseous and thinking I'd feel better if I just threw up (TMI sorry). I can eat them baked in things or fried with no problems. I kind of wonder if this problem may have been fixed after almost 3 years of being gluten free. I haven't been brave enough to try.
  3. I am so sorry that you are ill, but I do want to point something out here. YOU need to take personal responsibility also. You said in your post that BRM gluten-free Oats have made you ill in the past, so common sense would say that you should take the time to ask for a list of ingredients before eating anything, or take the risk and possibly have a reaction. If this bakery is catering to a gluten free crowd, I would bet that they would be perfectly happy to provide you with an ingredient list so that you can make an informed decision. I understand about being excited about trying a new place or product, but if you get so excited that you forget to ask about ingredients, then it's not fair to blame the bakery. The reminder to be careful is a good one, but personal responsibility has to come in to play here. I hope you recover soon. It sucks to be sick from your food.
  4. I use Udi's whole grain bread as I've never found anything that was like a "real" burger bun that was gluten free. As soon as the burgers are done, I assemble everything, then butter the outsides of the bread and throw the whole thing in a skillet for a couple minutes on each side (think grilled cheese) - YUMMY patty melt style!
  5. ohsotired

    North Of Dallas In Murphy

    Thanks for posting this!! I will have to go try it out one of these days!
  6. ohsotired

    Funny You Don't Look Sick?

    I hope not too! Please let them know that if they need any help, I would be willing - whether it be just ideas or actual labor in getting the place set up!
  7. ohsotired

    Funny You Don't Look Sick?

    Actually, I have never been to a PF Chang's either! LOL Been dying to try it, but the hubby isn't fond of the place, so I've never been. We should go!
  8. ohsotired

    Funny You Don't Look Sick?

    Nor_TX I'm sorry your coworkers are so insensitive! I DO live in north Dallas, so if you ever want to go grab lunch or something, just holler. I don't participate on the boards here much anymore but I do still lurk. Kareng - please do let us know about the new restaurant! I would frequent it for sure!
  9. ohsotired

    Progresso Soups

    celiackitcat - try Funyons for a topping. Those french fried onions are not gluten free. I used the Funyons last year (my 1st gluten-free Thanksgiving) and no one knew the difference. Can I be the first in line for one of your care packages? I cannot find that dang soup anywhere down here.
  10. If Whole Foods can't (or won't) get it for you, you can order direct. Udi's Foods e-Store
  11. Is it joint pain? I got this too, just before going gluten free. It started in my pinky on my right hand, and then spread to my ring finger, and then into my middle finger. Once in a while my entire right arm will ache - feels-like-my-bones-are-about-to-explode aching. And the pain will radiate down into my thumb too. But only in my right hand/arm with any consistency. Once in a great while, my left side will ache, but nothing like the pain I feel on the right. I had xrays done by a chiropractor (he said he would be able to tell if it was RA on an xray) and they said it looked like the beginning of osteoarthritis. I started taking glucosamine-condroitin, and in just a couple of short weeks, the pain is better. Not gone, but better. Hope you can figure it out and get it solved soon!
  12. Good to know! I tried their blueberry muffins and they were to die for! I had wondered about the bread. Thanks for posting!
  13. If you can get your doc to test hormones (or find a doc that will), it would be worth it to have them checked out. The chiropractor that I work for said this: Now I don't know that I believe that I'd have NO PMS symptoms if everything was perfectly balanced, but I certainly DO believe that my PMS symptoms would be less extreme. Unfortunately, I have other things going on in addition to the progesterone/testosterone deficiencies that need some serious attention also.
  14. Or a sign of estrogen dominance. I used to get this a few days before my period starting. Now, it seems to start a solid two weeks prior. I have recently been found to be progesterone and testosterone deficient. Might want to have hormones checked.
  15. ohsotired

    Getting A Collee Degree When Sick

    ranger, From what I read, yes there is, but you do have to meet certain course load requirements for different types of financial aid. To get specifics, it would probably be best to contact the school.
  16. ohsotired

    Getting A Collee Degree When Sick

    And just to add this for anyone that is interested.......it takes a little bit to find it when searching on your own. http://www.snl.depaul.edu/StudentResources...lness/index.asp Cyberprof, if you have any additional resources, I would love to hear about them. Feel free to PM me if you'd rather. Thanks for posting this!
  17. I have a Keurig, and I've not been glutened by any of the K-cups. But then, I rarely drink anything other than really dark roasts - no flavored coffees, no tea, no hot chocolate. If you also get the "My K-Cup" you can put your own coffee grounds in it and run it through the machine. Like cbear said, that way you know exactly what you're getting.
  18. Thanks for the 'buzz words'. That will help with my search.
  19. Hey gang! I haven't been too active in participating here lately (been reading, but very little posting) due to extreme fatigue and feeling VERY run down. I have a TON of hypothyroid symptoms, as well as hypoadrenal symptoms, and I just got some labwork back. I know that I need to treat my adrenals first, but I'm looking for input specifically on my thyroid labs so I can be well informed when I go to my follow up to discuss a plan of action with my doctor. Latest labs: FERRITIN 11 (10-220) - Will be starting supplementation ASAP OSMOLALITY, SERUM 281 (270-305) CORTISOL, RANDOM 8 (2-25) [blood draw, about 10:30am] DHEA SULFATE 220 (35-430) PREGNENOLONE HIGH 150 (15-32) VITAMIN D, 25 OH 31 (30-60) - Will be starting supplemenation ASAP FREE T4 1.31 (0.73-1.95) TSH 1.3 (0.3-5.1) FREE T3 3.2 (2.3-4.2) THYROID PEROXIDASE AB <10 (<35) THYROGLOBULIN AB <20.0 (<40) I do have some other labs related to thyroid I can post if needed, but they are from 10 months ago. Thanks in advance!
  20. That definitely sounds hypothyroid to me. The labs you posted.......is that all your doc ran? No Free T3? No thyroid antibodies? I'm in the Dallas area. I'll send you a PM. ETA: Whoops! Looks like you haven't hit the 15 post mark yet, so I can't send you a PM. If you'd like to email me at oh_so_tired@yahoo.com, I have some stuff I can send you.
  21. @Jackpru - thank you for that. I will keep that in mind if I can't find a doctor that can help me. @GFinDC - thank you for that as well! With the current shortages of natural thyroid going on, that may be the only option for a bit. @pele - thank you for the resources - I am already well versed in STTM and a member at the yahoo group. I may end up ordering the 24 hour saliva cortisol myself, since I have struck out on doctor's thus far. I still have a few doctors to investigate though, so I'm not giving up hope yet!
  22. Deb, Thanks for your reply. I totally get the "you look fine".......got that just yesterday with a doc that I really thought was going to be able to help me. I am starting back on iron supplements, and thinking of exploring the iron infusions again (my GI wanted me to have those done back in March, but I resisted). Vit D is in the toilet as well. I don't have the energy at the moment to dig out the labs, but I know it was pretty low. So I'm starting on Vit D supps as well. B12 hasn't been checked since last year sometime, but at the time it was 612 or something like that. I supp'd for a while, so it may have come up some, but no one has bothered to check it again lately. My body temp averages in the low to mid 96's. Yesterday's average was 96.03. I've been charting and keeping track. I showed the chart to the doctor I saw yesterday and her comment was "Interesting. Your temp was spot on 98.6 when you came in here." Then she set down the chart and walked out. That appointment didn't go so well IMO. If you think your adrenals are in trouble, you should pursue that. It's like pulling teeth with most doctors, but there are some really good ones out there that know how to handle that and get you feeling better. I have tons of information on it if you'd like to do some reading. Thanks again for your response!
  23. maile - thanks for responding. You got it right! I posted on a thyroid forum and was told almost word for word what you said. But I was also told that I really needed to handle my adrenals first, and I agree. I pretty much fired my GP after she looked at my TSH only and told me that I was fine. She gave me the "get more sleep, exercise more and eat better" speech. Hmmmm, well I eat pretty well (not perfect, but pretty darn good), I can't exercise all that much because I'm too freaking exhausted, and I already sleep 10-15 hours a stretch if left alone. Really? There's nothing wrong with me? Hmm, how about the gobs of hair that clog my shower drain every day? Or the fact that my average daily body temp has been as low as 95.8? Or the dry skin, eyes, sinuses and mouth? Does that mean anything to ya? No? Well, I must be fine then! Sorry for the rant! I am just so tired of the "everything's normal" routine. If your GP won't take you seriously, find one that will. You deserve to be well.
  24. Have you had vitamin levels checked? Vit D? Iron & Ferritin? B12 & Folic Acid? Severe vitamin deficiencies can cause this, and a host of other symptoms.
  25. Georgie, I'm sorry, I guess I'm not making myself clear - brain fog will do that! They did run the specific test for FVL - and that was negative. They ran tests for APS (Anticardiolipin Antibodies and Lupus Anticoagulant) - LA was negative, but the aCL's showed a very weak positive on one of them. Protein C Activity noted as "functional" Protein S Activity noted as "functional" Antithrombin III Activity 109 (range76-128) ANA 1:40 Speckled, Homogenous pattern Homocysteine 7.9 (range 5.0-12.0) MTHFR - C677T Mutation, Heterozygous/A1298C Mutation, Heterozygous I think that's everything on this set of lab sheets.