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    I enjoy the simplicity of life. I love being surrounded with my friends, family and boyfriend. They are the most loving supportive people in the world... I am truly blessed... <br /><br />I love relaxing with a good book, cooking, the beach, and great conversation! I take every moment in, good and bad. I live my life with no regrets, life is too short and can change in the drop of a dime. You may not have tomorrow, embrace each experience life throws your way. Each experience makes you stronger and allows you to grow as a person and who you are today.
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    New Jersey
  1. Thank you for your reply - I am not over-weight - I have been trying to gain the weight that I lost back - I am 100% restricted from going to the gym and exercising until I get back to a healthy weight -
  2. I was recently diagnosed with "undiagnosable" Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance. My primary doctor had started me on a G/free diet prior to the testing so they were unable to get a positive with the blood work or the biopsy. Because I had reponded so well to the G/free diet they are confident with...