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Ben (Caucasian male 58 y/o - 175cm/69" - 62kg/136lbs)

Diagnosed Celiac 12-Apr-2012

Dairy intolerant, B12 Mal-absorption, Bile-acid Mal-absorption.


Lifetime of misdiagnoses. :(

Looks like my eczema is DH

2008-2011 Lived in Northeast of Thailand, almost symptom free. :)

2011 Got rid of Blastocytis Hominis Parasites without medication.

Only 4 months of dieting (no starch/legumes/sugar/dairy/alcohol).

Lost 12kg/26.5lbs in the process.

Now only eat Thai food.

Easy to cook - easy gluten/dairy free - delicious

  1. So far none of the picture posters have been diagnosed DH, right? It's a "probable DH photo bank" then... How can you be 100% sure it is DH and use it as an example for other people? There is still a (although maybe slight) chance it is something else
  2. A looks a bit like seborrheic dermatitis, something that gets worse when warm and humid. I've had that for over 40 years on my chest and back, but disappeared when I went gluten-free. Had to use Ketoconazol-creme daily all those years to keep it under control. When it is hot and humid, I put...
  3. The OP joined the day she posted this and has never logged in since. Little chance we will get answers to any or our questions.
  4. I guess the only reason celiac is uncommon among asians is that most hardly eat wheat. So the few that do and are intolerant are not enough for the statistics. The way traditional diets are changing for westerniced diets in Asia, gluten intolerance will pop up there too in the future. If...
  5. It is true, Unilever does mention the origin of the grain in their products, worldwide, which is exceptional. However what they don't care about is that the gluten in their seasoning products ruins entire dishes for us. Are the gluten in the seasoning products really necessary taste wise? That...