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  1. Top places I have personally been to and experienced: 1. Seattle 2. San Francisco 3. Las Vegas 4. Phoenix 5. San Diego and Columbus Ohio is getting there! Every year I go back and it gets better and better!
  2. Without going into to detail, "YES" it is normal for Celiacs to have more bowel movements. It is completely normal.
  3. Angel, cook them in the oven and they wil taste much better and be crispy...
  4. I understand, but I have eaten sushi a few thousand times and have never seen the rice made with chciken stock. It would taste strange and the texture would be gross (withb sushi) JMHO
  5. Its probably Ben-hannas or some other type of Hibachi style restaurant. In any event, I can't help but wonder if there has been some miscommunication between the parties regarding rice, glutrinous rice, fried rice, and sushi rice. All can be prepared differently. Normally sushi rice, contains...
  6. Tiff, I read it as a "Japanese" restaurant - not necessarily a "sushi" restaurant. No restaurant would use chicken broth to make sushi - it would defeat the purpose (of making the rice sticky). Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I read it. Many restaurants add chicken broth tio their rice...
  7. Debmidge, Are you referring to "Grey Goose" ?? If so, it is a grain based vodka (wheat, etc) The only sweet potato vodkas I have seen are Korean based or in Korean restaurants...
  8. Vodkas can be made from: 1. Neutral Grains (can be wheat, corn, rye, combis of each, etc) (Absolut, Stoli, Ketel One, etc) 2. Potatoes (Chopin, Luksusowa, Glacier Bay, etc) 3. Corn (Smirnoff) 4. Grapes (Ciroc) 5. Rye (Belvedere) 6. Sweet Potatoes 7. Other veggies (LOL) It...
  9. Hebrew National -- all the way! They just taste better than the other hot dogs (and no fillers) -- I think the Applegate Farms Hot Dogs taste weird and they cost like $7 a pack! Bronco
  10. FYI, I went to IHOP on Sunday. I asked the manager to come over and she worked out a meal for me. They used fresh eggs in a skillet and made a bacon omelette and a side of hash browns. Both items were cooked in clean pans and it was wonderful. Always get a manager over -- they have...
  11. Bronco, Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at TacoTime. We always appreciate hearing from our valued guests. According to my research the following TacoTime food items or ingredients would not contain gluten: Corn Tortillas used for Crisp Taco Shells and Taco Chips (No dedicated...
  12. Luv, check out BW3's sauces http://bwwsauces.2kond.com/ I buy the Spicy Garlic, the Mild, the Medium and the Sweet BBQ all the time. The Teriaki is not gluten-free and one other one (I can't remember)
  13. Well, From a culinary perspective, the dusting of flour accomplishes a few things -- it enhances presentation, it enables the product to hold seasoning in the flour crust, it also enables the chef to pinpoint when an item may be cooked thorughally (look at the breading) and it assists texture...