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Nicki Raeleen

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About Me

Hello world!

Im young, beautiful, and....... always on medication!

I have been diagnosed with celiac for more then 4 years, and ready to take on my next health challenge; witch is my unresponsive celiac!!

  1. My sister and I joke around a lot about the creative ways we hide our symptoms from the world. From carrying strong ass perfume, or wearing pads in our shirts, we create laughter and ideas that would send any normal person walking away shaking their head. But at what point does hiding your symptoms...
  2. You should probably go to the doctors or at least to a Dietition, it could be a psychological problem.
  3. Take a breath, lol i promise your not going crazy. I was diagnosed in high school, so i know how scary this can all be. I remember being scared to eat at the though of what could happen, but you live in a world full of gluten, and no on is perfect. Remember that getting mad wont help solve the problem...
  4. My current GI Doctor did. They have done several panels and I've done tond of food logs. She has done a wonderful job ruling out all possible food. My scope and MRI will determine what immune suppressor she will advise for me to take. It took me a while to find a doctor who has taken me seriously...
  5. In my experience, be pushy girly!! it took me over 8 months to get diagnosed. they said the tests were not needed, that there was NO WAY i would have it. I agree with Manasota, do the best you can. A lot of my friends thought i was faking it for attention ( I was in high school, what do you expect...
  6. Medication….. What a dreaded word, surrounded by stigmas and scapegoats. I have been on over 35 prescription medications since I was 13. I am now 19, almost 20, and the list seems to just keep growing. Between My eczema, DH, allergies, and now my un-responsive celiac, I have been a mess of a teenager; ...
  7. Im 19 and i was diagnosed about 4 years ago. I didn't have to much damage, but i would give it a 6 months and if there is no improvement go back to your doctor. Something i found really comforting was making small goals. What i would suggest is to go to the store a buy a scale; track yourself. Ensures...
  8. I looked it up and it looks very fascinating. I couldn't find much correlation between it and suppressing immune systems. Something did occur to me though ( I feel a bit silly saying it out loud), that maybe my Celia isn't the problem at all. They are putting me on the immune suppressants to make...
  9. I understand that, and I am doing a food log. But even my doctor agrees something out of the ordinary is going on. My doctor is prescribing them to me, my question was wither or not someone else was having this done.
  10. This a new this doctor (my old one sucked) did a new full panel b4 and after my food log and my number are still really high.... My sister has chrons so I no how nasty these drugs can be. Unfortuanlly having an intolerance to something dose not really make your antibodie level rise. They will make...
  11. After my GI doctor told me nothing was wrong with my blood test, even though i was feeling very ill, i knew it was time for a change. This doctor had recommended me to eat products that had wheat and gave me samplers of probiotics that stated "contained wheat" on the back! The doctor i really wanted...
  12. Omg finally someone!!!! YES! I have just been prescribed them for my celiac. My GI doctor told me it's extremely rare. they determined I needed to take it because even after blood test, food long, simple diets, and MRIs looking for lymphomas, my body was still producing an extremely high level...
  13. I'm 19 years old and I have been diagnosed for about 4 years now. Everything had been wonderful following the gluten free diet until 8 months ago. I began to get all of my GI symptoms back and new ones. My skin broke out in rashes, my skin around my lips are so chapped they bleed and my scalp is...
  14. My name is Nicole and i am 19 years old. I go to college and work, and have a loving family and boyfriend who have got my back. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease, through blood and scope, for more than 4 years now. I also got diagnosed with DH, eczema, and a large file of allergies. To...