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  1. I want to look more into this. https://sciencelife.uchospitals.edu/2014/09/03/are-viruses-causing-celiac-disease/ This article postulates that intestinal viruses which...
  2. I just wanted to comment here: anything that happens in your gut, can directly affect your brain. Both are connected to each other directly by the vagus nerve, and any adverse events...
  3. Yes!!! Rib pain. I went nearly 3 years with this intermittent rib pain that would ache like crazy before I found out I had celiac. It was the one symptom that made doctors...
  4. Have you looked into Low Dose Naltrexone? Or LDN. My understanding is that it can be extremely helpful as an immune modulator for people with celiac, without resorting to prednisone...
  5. Unfortunately the non-medical public holds doctors in such high esteem that something like this could never be proven as medical malpractice. The ignorance of the typical doctor...
  6. Hello. Did he order the one that starts with a D? Because I only showed positive on that one. I was negative for all the others. But that's sufficient for a diagnosis from what...