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  1. ebrbetty,

    Sorry to bother you, but I read some of your blogs & I believe I have experienced many of the same symptoms. Have you found any cures?????


  2. Hi, I agree, I hate the taste of bean flour! After searching for almost 3 years for a...
  3. I use cornstarch too..used it tonight in my yummy sweet and sour pork
  4. lol...we may have said hello?? I was seated at the end of the long table when you first...
  5. Thanks everyone for the tips! Gemini..In march I went to dinner at Rancho Chico's with...
  6. wow everything sounds so good, thanks for the help...we will be going to the one in Natick...
  7. Hi everyone, My hubby wants to take me to PF Changs...I was looking at the gluten-free...
  8. Thanks so much for getting me the recipe Sweetfudge, I looked on that site and couldn't...
  9. Hi, just thought I'd share with those who haven't tried it yet, I made the Bobs RM pizza...
  10. thanks for the help ladies!! I think the recipe I'm looking for is the one Sweetfudge...
  11. Hi, does anyone have a recipe for gluten-free choc. eclair cake? thanks!
  12. Land O Lakes has some nice gluten-free recipes, the marble cake is yummy. My favorite...
  13. great site, thanks for the link...the soup looks yummy!
  14. Thanks for the info...The downfall is its a holiday and I can't call the company
  15. Hi, My hubby and I want to have a couple toasted almonds with our BBQ..he bought the ingredients...
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