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  1. ebrbetty,

    Sorry to bother you, but I read some of your blogs & I believe I have experienced many of the same symptoms. Have you found any cures?????


  2. I know the chicken broth is gluten-free but do you know if the beef is? thanks
  3. YES!! I get pain that bad, a few days a month even after being gluten-free 1 year this month, I pray I will die. My Dr insists that celiac disease can't cause severe pain.
  4. Try Kava coffee and see if you feel better its all i can drink http://www.kavacoffee.com/
  5. I drink Livingston Chablis, I emailed them quite awhile back and they said it was fine..sorry can't find the reply
  6. when you say you know instantly, in what way? what are your symptoms? I'm assuming you don't mean digestive problems, because it takes time for the food to digest and cause symptoms. just curious, cause I get severe stomach pain but it takes time to hit
  7. Hi Patti, yes this last week has been much better, I must have been had gluten from somewhere...I just can't believe it lasted sooo long! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!! (((HUGS)))
  8. I just got over getting glutened, it was 2 weeks of living hell, stomach pain everyday 24/7
  9. SURPRISINGLY DAIRY FREE INGREDIENTS Calcium Lactate Calcium Propionate Calcium Stearoyl Lactylate Cocoa Butter Cocoa Powder Cream of Tartar Lactic Acid Lecithin Oleoresin Sodium Lactate
  10. I woke up with them last night along with weird stomach pain, I thought I had food poisoning, I ate gluten-free but wondered if the frozen store brand veggie [brussel sprouts] could have done it