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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Airborne gluten reactions

    Hi, I was a bit delayed replying to this as I have been battling airborne gluten of all things! (The building I live in has had the entire front removed and re-plastered.) I live on the ground floor so every time I opened my door, a gust of wind blew plaster dust in to my house and particularly living room. I have had to sleep in my daughter's room, eat dinner standing in the kitchen and on two occasions I had to escape and stay elsewhere. I'm pleased to say though that I bounced back from the reactions waaaay better than I did before I started avoiding all sources of cross contamination. Anyway, that's amazing that you live by a place that processes things that are truly gluten free. That's like hitting the gluten-free jackpot! Enjoy
  2. Airborne gluten reactions

    This - I agree with all of this. I have also twigged that if oats are a problem then certified processed gluten free food is out. And I got really sick from drywall. It's such a relief to hear this as there was a time when I was feeling like an alien for thinking these things. Well I agree 99.9%. I had a skin problem, possibly DH, which got better when I gave up gluten, improved further when I gave up processed foods but it wasn't until I stopped eating dry beans that I stopped getting any flares. I am also sensitive to egg though (although that does something different to my skin) so I'm a bit a skin-reactive person. Could be worth cutting it out just to see if that helps?
  3. Desperate for help

    Hi Celiac4762, The carbs I eat are sweet potato, parsnip and squash plus loads of fruit. With rice I'm ok if it's from a reputable source. If I ever get glutened by something then I steer clear of it for a month to give myself an extra break and then go back to it in smallish quantities. I have carbs once a day rather than every meal to save time. I can hear in your tone this tired, fed up tone that I recognise so well from when I get glutened. I know what it's like to dream of living in a far away gluten free bubble. I felt like that but after a couple of months (which were a hard adjustment) I got to a stage of knowing what I needed to do. Your medical background will help you methodically work out what you need to cut out and what is safe and you will get there. Stick with college. Don't let this crappy stage take that away. The thing that saved me though over everything was finding this article: https://bmcgastroenterol.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1471-230X-13-40
  4. Desperate for help

    Hi, I feel your pain. Sorry you've been going through it. Interestingly, my sensitivity went up when I was massively sleep deprived looking after my baby. Anything that stresses your body, stresses your immune system. Good work with the handwashing by the way - definitely a winner when sharing a kitchen with gluten-eaters. Lots of good suggestions from people. I would also like to say that for me, I needed to not share an oven with people who ate gluten. Loose flour in the kitchen is a no. I know some people have recommended vitamins. I'm going to be controversial though and say that my recovery included (I can't say it was the cause of my recovery though...) stopping taking vitamins - the bulking agents are all starches and I couldn't handle them. I was reacting to oats and buckwheat and felt 100% better when I went grain-free. A simple diet (nothing processed, no gluten free breads etc, with everything cooked from scratch, essentially Paleo or Specific Carbohydrate Diet - that was what sorted me out. It was hard initially (especially being a busy person like you with little time to cook) but my energy levels are amazing now so it really has given me time and it's quality of time too. I found my sensitivity to gluten came down a little once I made the changes. Good luck!
  5. Airborne gluten reactions

    Oh and plaster dust was a problem for me.
  6. Airborne gluten reactions

    Oh I worried about that too It'll be ok though. It's just a question of working it out x
  7. Airborne gluten reactions

    Hi, Sorry to hear you have been getting these symptoms. I too had symptoms despite my strict diet. I agree with the above. First port of call Eating out - I advise not doing this Sharing a kitchen with people who eat gluten - I advise not doing this Eating processed foods - if you are very sensitive then this could be problem Eating grains and other foods that are often culprits for cross contamination - I advise not doing this If you have are avoiding the above and have cut out oats then, yes I believe airborne could be worth considering. I would avoid farmland that has fresh cut wheat. I would also avoid industrial sized bakeries. Those two are the only issues I have had with airborne gluten. I would advise seeing a doctor but they do vary in terms of how knowledgeable and helpful they are. What sort of exposure do you reckon you are getting?
  8. This is the diet I have been on! It got rid of the horrendous brain fog. I do not eat anything processed. I cook everything from scratch and have a gluten-free home. My health has improved ten fold and I had the diet assessed by a medical professional and it's nutritionally complete. The research I found suggests there is a range of reactivity with some reacting to smaller amounts of gluten than others so a grain-free diet in particular can benefit some who are still symptomatic on a standard gluten free diet. It was an adjustment to begin with but so happy I stuck with it.
  9. Gluten Free Coffee

    With all due respect, Gemini, AristotlesCat is not "the vast majority of celiacs", he/she is a specific person who has posted on the forum because a doctor has advised that their celiac disease is not under control. Repeating the same old information again and again about the standard gluten free diet, being strict etc etc isn't going to help every single person you encounter on the forum. Everyone has a different level of experience with gluten, health and diagnositic status. Finally, the Fasano diet does not strip everything down to basic nutrition. I have been on it for six months and have had tests and detailed assessments of what I am eating that show an abundance of every known nutrient and micronutrient. Cutting out processed food (as per the Fasano diet) and doing strict food trials, AristotlesCat, can be a way to determine what might be causing the issue. Good luck
  10. Gluten Free Coffee

    With all due respect, Gemini, AristotlesCat is not "the vast majority of celiacs", he is a specific person who has posted on the forum Hi AristotlesCat, I'm sorry about some of the responses you have had here. I felt pretty annoyed on your behalf that this is still happening on the forum. I also posted a while back about my symptoms that were not under control despite being a savvy, long-time strict adherer to the diet and I experienced a similar situation on here. I received an apology for it and an assurance that this does not reflect the what the forum is about. Please don't be discouraged or put off. I agree with what you say, things are different and each person's medical situation is different. You sound like you know what you are talking about and questions understandably come up too as our health and diet evolves.
  11. Gluten Free Coffee

    The FDA has found trace gluten in coffee. Please look into the Fasano Gluten Cross Contamination Elimination Diet. It was designed for a clinical trial for celiacs who were not responding to a standard gluten free diet. It is based around avoiding processed foods and those such as grains which show up as containing gluten even if 'naturally gluten free'.
  12. It's good to be aware isn't it. Medical research has verified airborne particles can be problematic and hopefully there will be greater refinement in the research to establish greater understanding over time. The site manager at the construction site informed me that my symptoms starting coincided with when the work with cement started. As I got sick from plaster in my house I am thinking this could be related. I was honest with my doctor about my symptoms and said I thought it had something to do with working next to a construction site. He said it sounds like an allergice response and said that it could be related to gluten symptoms but that these things are poorly understood. The cement work nearest my window is finishing this week and I'm due to return to my job. Relief! X
  13. I agree. For fats I find avocado, bone broth, olive oil, coconut milk and a small amount of nuts helpful.
  14. I eat butternut squash, parsnips and lots of fruit! I also eat sweet potatoes, though these are thought to be problematic according to the Specific Carbs Diet. I haven't noticed a problem with these but have yet to do a test with them.
  15. That's great your doctors accept that you are celiac. They sound like keepers!