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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I know you said no pills, but I have had this experience with undigested vitamins.....poor quality vitamins have a coating which does not breakdown upon ingestion and goes through intestinal tract undigested - coming out as as white lumpy thing.
  3. The really sad part about this whole Benefiber thing is that before they reformulated it a couple of years ago, it was Gluten Free and had no wheat starch at all. I have written and called Novartis Consumer and told them that the new ingredients are problemic for celiacs. We now get those...
  4. During my Dad's pancreatic cancer, the medical authorities pointed out his "cold cut" diet, especially cured meats like salami or pepperoni. The sugar connection sounds like a match as welll.
  5. If the Benadryl helps, then sure take it, but do not go off the gluten free diet if you have celiac. From my knowledge of Benadryl, the antihistimine in it does not affect the same "t" cells as found in celiac disease.
  6. Here's another basting issue that needs to be addressed: even if the cook uses gluten-free stuffing, I hope she/he isn't using the old rubber/plastic baster that she/he used when they made birds with gluteny bread stuffing. After having to go gluten-free, I found that it was silly to clean...
  7. Dear Gentleheart: thanks, your answer about the product helped me understand it. That's what I was confused about.
  8. I am not familiar with Mannatech or glyco nutrients....if you have a moment could you give some info as maybe others don't know and would want to try this or find that they should be using this, etc. I read some of the link but I always like to hear from the info from the person who really uses...
  9. If you never ate chocolate with barley malt in it keep in mind that it has a distinctive flavor - there's a underlying grain flavor in the chocolate so if you get malted chocolate by error keep that in mind. I noticed German chocolates use the barley additive.
  10. Yes, my husband had severe depression which lifted when he went gluten-free. Gastro even mentioned that this was where most of the depression was coming from. Gluten will affect brain chemistry.
  11. on behalf of Husband 1) Ill at age 27 - constant diarrhea gas bloating; massive weight loss 2) At age 27 started seeing various gastro drs. - all diagnosed IBS/colitis/ileitius 3) At age 27 Veteran's Administration Dr. accused him of using drugs and that's why he was sickly and thin 4...
  12. yes, sorry I mean Grey Goose. I went on their website and yes, they state wheat based. I always mix this up with Blue Goose which is particular to my work "The Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International is a fraternal organization of men and women who work in the property and casualty...
  13. Vodka types: can someone advise what "Blue Goose" is from? and what brand is a sweet potato base? Why is it that the wheat and rye vodkas do not take on a golden hue like whiskey does?
  14. Husband (with celiac) has this. This neuropathy started about 7 months after he went 100% gluten-free and he still has it and receives a B12 shot monthly (plus takes sublingual B12s twice a week). He's been neurologically tested upside down and sideways and there's no reason why he should...
  15. The Crabtree company's response bothers me too. Why would my doctor know more about their product than they do? My doctor doesn't manufacture the product: THEY DO! That infuriates me. It doesn't come across to me as CYA, but more "I'm so stupid I don't know what I put in my product." ...