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  1. I think a percentage of the general public has no clue where their food comes from. For example, a waitress in a restaurant when told my husband cannot have wheat asked if he wanted regular white bread with dinner. I think explained that bread (like Wonder or Arnold) has wheat in it. She seemed surprised to hear this info. Perhaps basic "foods" education in school is needed - learn about all grains, meats, fish, vegetables, etc. I think perhaps food servers and kitchen prep people should have to take a 1 day course at the local town/county/state Board of Health to learn about foods and allergens including types of diets: low fat, celiac, diabetic, vegan, etc. Think about it: the person who does your hair at a salon has to be licensed, why doesn't the person who cooks/serves/prepares your food get at least a 1-day seminar with Certificate of Learning?
  2. Hi, the root of the word "AVEENO" means oat. That's why Aveeno specializes in oat-based body products.
  3. Gastro's report says you have an "aversion to food." Another gastro tells you that your weight loss is only becuase your're not eating enough food. (Heck with the fact that you've had diarrhea for 3 mos and lost 30 lbs.)
  4. New gluten-free Bakery: Fallon's Bake Shop 339 Crows Mill Road (Nearest side Street: New Brunswick Ave.) Fords, NJ 08863 Phone 732-710-3338 Hours start at 10 AM Breads, cupcakes, muffins, etc. They will accomodate any gluten-free request www.fallonsglutenfreebakeshop.com I had blueberry muffin and it had good flavor and texture and was very fresh.
  5. Can you ask her where she purchased them from? I wouldn't trust someone who played a trick the first time. It's too serious to trust to a "toxic" person. Pretend you have a "gluten" indicator and tell her you're going to bring it along to test the items (I believe there is such a thing). Tell this to her face and see what facial reaction she has......otherwise, I would not trust her to do the right thing.
  6. Many long-time posters on board know who I am. I don't come around as often as I used to. The last 4 years have been pretty bad for me and my husband (health wise). Anyway, he is now still very, very thin and needs a 3rd hernia surgery. Surgeon won't do it unless he gains 10+ lbs. It's very difficult for him to gain weight. So we are stuck, not going forward and refusing to go backward. Even I am depressed now; refusing the things I used to love to do; constantly worrying about my husband and what wll end up happening. So I haven't had much to say, maybe I'd share on board here and there - I guess for a while there I was a regular. So I'll just share this news, maybe ask for some suggestions to gain weight (foods that don't include soy, eggs, frying, spices, fruits/vegetables, and of course gluten, no tomato sauce - this should be a challenge as he really needs to gain and surgeon turned him down because he's too frail. He started with the Ensure, but it's not enough calories.
  7. I'm confused now. Do people with celiac disease who have Dermatitis Herp. need to use gluten-free body lotions?
  8. All I want to say is that I understand; I'm going thru same type of stress. I have no suggestions. Remain calm & keep the course. Best wishes - DM
  9. Luvstoeat: Yes it happened to us. At the time of his mother's death, my dear husband (let's pretend his name is John) was hurt when we checked our mail and were perplexed that no relative sent him a personal sympathy card. John has 5 cousins on the opposite coast & we do send Christmas cards to them and they to us (so they do have the address). We did not meet up at his sister's place after the funeral service, so we did not get to even read the cards for our selves (he feels his name was written down in the card as an after thought) My sister in law mentioned it over the phone that the saluation stated Ann (daughter) & Bill and Deb & John (son). John felt weird NOT receiving a sympathy card on the death of his last parent - not one card sent to his own home (we live a distance from his sister). As far as he knew, there were no strains in the relationships and quite the contrary, when their parent passed away a few months earlier, my husband John wrote a separate card to each of these cousins along with a short letter describing how much fun they all had when they used to live along border of two states - a different worded letter to each cousin. To a couple of the cousins, at one point, he included a "1 of a kind" duplicate photo which should have put a smile on their face. Photos they forgot being in from when they were children. I don't read Emily Post so I don't know the rules about sympathy cards - I would imagine if the spouse was alive the main card would go to the surviving spouse. But what are the rules about sympathy cards to the children when there are no parents remaining? Should each get their own or one big one is sent; but to which child? Should it be the oldest child - that wouldn't be fair to the younger child. Should it be sent to the child who lived with or closest to the parent, but that wouldn't be fair to the other child whose life had restraints and could not move any closer. I still feel that if it's family, each child should receive their own card "Our Sympathy in the Passing of Your Mother/Father." It will eliminate hurt feelings. And after all, as to cost of card and postage, a parent only dies once - so you won't have to send it again and again. We thought the "collective card" only made sense if we lived with his sister or with his mother, but we do not, nor ever did.
  10. I didn't think of it in that context. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Question: Do you send a sympathy card to both cousins separately or is it OK to just send one card? Need unbiased opinion. You live in Canada and your blood aunt/uncle passes away in United States (let's say Ohio). You grew up in Michigan, but saw your 2 cousins in Ohio often - birthday parties, major holidays, etc. They got your hand-me-downs, you went to carnivals with them, etc. You stayed overnight at their house often and they returned the favor. Eventually you all grew up - sent one another birthday cards and Christmas cards, etc. After a while most of you dropped the birthday cards and only did Christmas cards and that was Ok too. Anyway, your last parent passes away, and your close relatives all send their sympathy cards to your sibling at your sibling's address - but you do not live with or near your sibling. In fact, you do not get any sympathy card from that side of the family. Their cards are addressed to your sister Sharon and her husband, Robert Jones; and Michele, your wife and John Brown (yourself) but mailed to Sharon and Robert's home. Should a sympathy card sender send one card to both of the cousins as if they all lived together or should the card sender acknowledge that these people run separate households and lives and purchase (or craft, if they are that broke) two cards: one for the greiving sister and one for the greiving brother? My vote was since there are only two offspring of the deceased parent and they do not live together nor near one another, the card senders should have bought/made 2 cards - one for each offspring. I relied on the "Be Nice" "Treat someone like you would want to be treated" theories.
  12. Yes, Mommida you are right. Frequent low fat meals. I liked to eat thin chicken cutlets (not breaded) lightly sauted in a skillet (with a small amount of butter). I ate rice or baked potato with the chicken. The chicken didn't get too dry to be unedible. Every now and then I'll make that for dinner. I am so glad you too mentioned the back pain - the doctors looked at me like I was crazy to have back pain, even had the pain for months after the gallbladder was removed. My removal was 3 years ago and I still go on and off with diarrhea and back pain. Take care - Deb
  13. Just to clarify something: a gallblader in of itself does not help digest fat. The bile enzyme is the substance which digests fat. The gallbladder stores bile. When the gallbladder is removed, the doctor is removing the " bile storage container." Bile is made by the liver and "stored" in the gallbladder until you eat something. When you begin to eat, the stomach thru the brain "tells" the gallbladder "it's time to release some bile." When the gallbladder is removed, the liver continues to produce bile, but just then "dumps" the bile into the small intestine randomly. That is why many people have diarrhea after the gallbladder is removed. This is why you can, with some adjustment, live without a gallbladder. Gallbladders can be cancerous and that is a "killer cancer" like pancreatic cancer is a "killer." This is why if you suspect you have gallbladder problems you do not self-diagnose or ignore it.
  14. Well a couple of years ago I deliberately called Avon's 800 Cust Serv # and asked CSR about an Avon body lotion which I knew had oat in it and they said it was gluten-free. I am looking for some first-hand knowledge before I purchase the new Avon body lotion formula products.
  15. Lynne I had gallbladder removed 3 years ago and occasionally I still get the pain bet. the shoulder blades. For the first year after the surgery that scared me because it was the same symptoms my Dad had when he had pancreatic cancer. I do not have celiac disease - my husband does. I did have an endoscopy to rule it out. I had my gallbladder removed because it was diseased, not due to stones. Sometimes it just breaks down. Just recently I read an article that one of the side effects of birth control pills is gallbladder disease. Just food for thought for us womenfolk who have used BC pills during their younger years. Best wishes DM
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