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  1. By the time I was diagnosed as having celiac disease I had leaky gut syndrome and had developed multiple food allergies/sensitivities. This was discovered slowly as I cleaned up my diet bit by bit. My doctor accused me of not being compliant with the gluten-free diet, but she also suggested I use...
  2. For me it was 3 weeks of daily penicillin shots at 21 months of age. Then off and on through life until 18 months of daily tetracycline plus mega shots of penicillin following an accident. Shortly after that I developed not only celiac, but was diagnosed with multiple food and chemical allergies...
  3. I would recommend Medicine Mama's Bee Magic - the ingredients are limited to: 0rganic olive oil, beeswax, honey, propolis extract, Bee pollen, and Royal jelly. It is kind of heavy, so for use on my face I would work it into my hands and then lightly pat a moist just out of the shower face. OR just...
  4. I had a hard time tracking down my problems as well. A few things that are considered gluten free that were causing me the same grief as gluten were white (likely wheat based) vinegar, alcohol (also likely wheat based), and xanthum gum (who knows?). Also, beware of natural flavors, as that can...
  5. I am not saying it is not the heat, but ozone could be a contributing factor. Where I live, hot sunny days often come with high ground ozone levels. High ground ozone can cause migraines. I am pretty much guaranteed a migraine when ozone levels get too high, and it can take a couple of days to...